Chemistry - Silver


  • Silver is a soft, lustrous transition, and white metal.

  • Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity; and, it has also the highest reflectivity of any metal.

  • The symbol of silver is ‘Ag’ and atomic number is ’47.’

Salient Features of Silver

  • Silver is a precious metal used since long time by human beings.

  • Silver is an element of group 11 of the periodic table.

  • Silver has an excellent white metallic luster commonly used in a high polish.

  • As silver has no color; therefore, it has high reflectivity (of light).

  • Silver has very high electrical and thermal conductivity. Its electric conductivity is the highest – higher than copper.

  • Among all the metals, silver also has the lowest contact resistance.

Occurrence of Silver

  • The metal silver is usually found in the Earth's crust in the pure form.

  • Silver also found as an alloy with the gold and some other metals.

  • Silver is also found in some minerals, such as argentite and chlorargyrite.

  • Silver is largely produced as a byproduct of gold, copper, zinc, lead, etc.

Alloys of Silver

  • Following are the major alloys of silver −

    • Argentium sterling silver

    • Britannia silver

    • Doré bullion

    • Electrum

    • Goloid

    • Platinum sterling

    • Sterling silver

    • Tibetan silver

Compounds of Silver

  • Following are the major compound of silver −

    • Silver chloride - AgCl

    • Silver iodide - Agl

    • Silver bromide - AgBr

    • Silver oxide - Ag2O

    • Silver sulfide - Ag2S

    • Silver fluoride - AgF

    • Silver cyanide - AgCN

    • Silver carbonate - Ag2CO3

    • Silver acetate - AgC2H3O2

    • Silver sulfate - Ag2SO4

    • Silver chromate - Ag2CrO4

    • Silver oxalate - Ag2C2O4

    • Silver chlorate - AgClO3

Uses of Silver

  • Following are the major uses of silver −

    • From the ancient period, silver is being used in making coins.

    • Silver is also used in making ornaments.

    • Many of the home pots and other utensils were also used to be made by silver.

    • Silver has also medicinal use, as it is used as an antibiotic coating in medical devices.

    • Because of having very high electric conductivity, silver is commonly used in some electronic devices.

    • Besides, silver has many other uses, such as in photography, in chemical equipment, nanoparticles, etc.