SAP PS - Project Profile

A Project profile is defined to maintain default values and control parameters like planning methods for costs. The information entered in project profile is copied to project in project definition or also in the project elements. This information can be changed at later stage.

Note that the values in the project profile is used to maintain the functions of certain areas of the Project System and should only be changed without considering all the factors. You should not change the keys related to costing sheet or the results analysis key as these can change existing system.

You must maintain the following information under project profile section −

  • Basic data
  • Time scheduling
  • Costs/revenues/finances
  • Organizational data

A standard R/3 System contains the predefined project profile that has the most important control parameters.

To create a Project profile −

Step 1 − Use T-code: OPSA or go to SPRO → IMG → Project Systems → Structure → Operative Structures → Work Breakdown structure → Create Project Profile.


Step 2 − To create a new profile, click New Entries on Project Profile Overview screen.

Project Profile Overview

On the New Entries screen, enter the following details −

  • − Enter the unique ID that identifies project profile in SAP system.

  • Project Type − Category to which project belongs.

  • Field Key − Select field key from the drop-down list. You can select different field keys for different projects as shown below −

New Entries Screen

In the new window, select the following −

  • Display Options − This determined how the project will be identified in project builder.

  • All account assessment element − This has to be selected if all WBS has to be created using this profile.

  • Project summarize master data − Select this field to summarize the master data in project. This is used to perform any reports.

  • Project Stock − Default is no stock option.

Control Options

Next, go to Organization tab. You have to enter the following details under the Organization tab −

  • Controlling Area − Enter Controlling area belongs to project profile

  • Company Code − Enter the company code that belongs to Control area

  • Business area − Enter business area belongs to company code and controlling area

  • Plant − Enter plant code belongs to company code

  • Functional area − Enter functional area key

  • Profit Center − Enter profit center belongs to controlling area

  • Project Currency − Enter project currency

Organization Options

Click the save button at the top to save the project profile.