SAP PS - Revenues and Earnings

In SAP custom projects, you need to compare costs and revenues to get details on project results.

The following points should be considered −

  • You copy plan values from the sales order to the relevant WBS element.
  • In SAP system, project values are copied to Controlling automatically.
  • For period end closing, you copy the results analysis to Profitability Analysis.

Revenue Planning is one of the key aspects of Revenue and earnings. Revenue planning defines the revenue you expect when a project is executed.

In SAP Project system, you can use the following planning methods −

  • Manual Revenue Planning − You can perform manual revenue planning based on Work breakdown structure or by revenue element.

  • Automatic update Revenue plan − You can perform automatic update of revenue planning based on Work breakdown structure or in sales order.

To update revenue plan data from sales order −

Step 1 − Navigate to Project System → Revenues and Earnings → Planned Revenues → Automatic Plan Revenue Calculation → Specify Revenue Plan Update from Sales Document.

Specify Revenue Plan

You record the data using the following −

  • Value and revenue element from the condition.
  • Expected billing date from the billing plan or schedule line.