Team Building Program


Team building programs can be found everywhere nowadays. Almost all the business organizations send their project teams for team building programs every now and then. But what is a team building program?

In team building programs, the entire program focuses on improving the group dynamics of the target team. Therefore, first of all, all the team members of the group should be present for such team building programs.

Usually, team building programs take various faces and there are a lot of activities included in such programs. Each activity is focused on improving one or more aspects of teamwork. Take trust as an example.

Trust towards other team members is one of the most important aspects when it comes to teamwork. In a corporate environment, you may not get an opportunity to get to know the other team members in detail and build trust in them.

Therefore, team building programs address this matter during the teamwork activities and improve the trust between the team members. A good example is the blinded guidance.

In this exercise, one person is blind-folded and the other person is supposed to take the blind-folded person through a rough terrain, just by guiding through voice.

Benefits for Teamwork

If team building programs are very serious, teamwork should also be a serious matter right? Yes, in order to understand the importance of team building programs, one should first understand the value of teamwork.

Following are the benefits gained through team building programs for teamwork:

  • Improved communication with the rest of the team

  • Ease the conflicts and frustrations in the workplace and especially within the team

  • Enhanced client relationships and conflict resolution

  • High team productivity through understanding

  • Enhanced management and soft skills

  • Enhanced relationships

In addition to the above benefits, there can be many other enhancements to the team culture. If the team was a brand new team assembled for a new project, the team members will develop a good relationship with others. After a team building program, usually a change in the team dynamics can be observed.

Sending a team for team building programs is not just enough. The management should track the progress of such programs and should send the team again for similar experiences when the effect of the first program is reduced overtime.

The work pressure of the workplace and new comers to the team are two of key reasons for reduced effectiveness that occur overtime.

Types of Team Building Programs

There are many types of team building programs in use. Each type is suitable for addressing certain types of team building requirements. As an example, sending middle-aged employees to a program designed for youth will not create a great result.

Following are some of the most common types of team building programs:

  • Corporate conferences

  • Executive team building and guidance programs

  • Adventure programs

  • Outdoor sports

  • Game shows

  • Youth programs

  • Religious or charity programs sponsored by the organization

  • Management training programs

  • White-water rafting

  • Residential workshops

Types of Services

There are two main categories of team building programs; internal and external. Internal team building programs are designed usually by the training and development department of the organization. The events may take place in the workplace or at a location outside of the workplace. In these programs, someone from the organization will conduct the training.

For the next category, an external party is invited to do the team building program. This event may also take place inside the workplace or at an outside location.

When it comes to the effectiveness of the team building programs, usually the programs conducted by outside parties at a remote location are quite successful.

The very feeling of being away from the workplace gives the team a fresh state of mind and they are freer to engage with team building activities.


For any team, regardless of what they should be collectively achieved, team building is a key strength. In order to get the best out of a team, the team should go through team building programs.

Although most of the companies try to conduct indoor programs for this purpose, they deliver less effective results compared to team building events done by 3rd party professionals at remote locations.