Sharing Unlisted and Private Videos

Sharing Unlisted Videos

Follow the steps given below to share an unlisted video −

  • Click the blue link icon to the right of the video you want to share in the Video Manager (just above video views).

Click Blue Link
  • Copy the link on the right side of the page beside “Video URL” and share via text or email with those who you would like to view your video.

Copy Link

Sharing Private Videos

Note that you may share a private video with a maximum of 50 YouTube users. Here is how it is done −

  • Click Edit, to the right of the video you want to share, in the Video Manager.

  • Under the privacy setting, select Share.

Select Share
  • Type the email address/es of any YouTube users with whom you want to share the private video. Your recipients will need to sign into their YouTube account to view the video.