YouTube Marketing - Handling Comments

Once you start promoting your video, you get both appraisals and comments. As an appraisal would cheer you up, a comment may withdraw your smile. But trolling is quite common on social media and hence, try to take those comments in a positive note and respond softly.

Managing comments on your video is important in interacting with your viewers. Viewers may have their own insight that add value to your video. They may have questions or different perspectives to consider. Managing your comments creates a dialogue instead of a one-way street of information.

Let us discuss some of the ways in which you can manage comments on your videos.

Reply to comments

Simply click on Reply to reply to a comment.

Reply to Comments

Change the priority of comments

You can choose to allow newest comments to be at the top of the page (directly beneath the video) or top comments shown first. Top comments are those from the video creator and those that have been voted up by other viewers.

Remove, report, or hide comments

To manage a comment, click the arrow in the upper right corner of the comment and choose to either remove the comment, report spam or abuse, or hide from channel. The hide from channel option will block the YouTube user from posting comment on any video on your channel. This is not permanent and which you can reverse in the future, if you choose to do so.

Turn off discussion

In some situations, you may choose to turn off comments on your channel. To do this −

  • Sign into your YouTube account.

  • Select My Channel in the upper left corner.

  • Click Settings under your channel banner.

  • Turn the Show Discussion tab OFF to stop all comments or you can also change comments so that they won’t be displayed until approved.