YouTube Marketing - Create Video Playlists

Imagine that your channel is like an online store, with well-organized, smartly-curated displays that showcase your different types of content. Whether you create videos with different themes or you curate videos from others, keep your collections organized with playlists and sections to get people to watch more of your channel and communicate why they should subscribe.

Collecting and sharing videos from across YouTube on your channel can also help you offer even more value to your fans, and establish your reputation as a trendsetter.

A playlist is an ordered list of videos that you create, often with a specific theme i.e. a YouTube Food Channel may be sorted by “Breakfast Recipes” or “Dinner Recipes” playlists. The items in a playlist can be videos collected from your channel or other channels.


Either way, playlists can help you position yourself as a trendsetter, introducing your fans to more of what they love.

Playlists can showcase your channel’s personality and ultimately, your creativity. Great playlists can increase watch time and create another asset that will appear in search results, and in suggested videos. You can even make a playlist around a big or current event, like the Olympics or assemble the “best of” around a theme that resonates with your viewers. If your channel features multiple hosts or personalities, you can use playlists to give each host their own space, too.

To determine the best way to create and/or delete your playlists, visit:

Then, select the instructions that correspond to the operating system that you are using.