YouTube Marketing - Creating an Account

Creating a YouTube account is free, quick, and painless. To create a YouTube account, just submit some basic information and create a username and password. No need to add your street address or phone number, and you won’t need a credit card.

The following figure shows how to create a Google account if you don’t have one.

Create Google Account

If you already have a Google account, a default account is already created with that signin information. In case you don’t have a Google account, then you can create a YouTube account by following the steps given below.

  • Go to and click the Sign Up link. The Sign Up link is at the top-right of the page. This link takes you to the Create Your YouTube Account page.

  • Enter your e-mail address and a password. You must enter a valid e-mail address to register.

  • Re-type Password and Username fields.

  • In the Location drop-down list, select the country where you live, then enter your postal code. This is required only for citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

  • Click to select your gender and enter your date of birth. No one under the age of 13 will be given permission by YouTube to create an account.

  • Type the characters (letters and numbers) from the colored box into the Word Verification field. If you can’t read the characters, click the New Image link next to the box to view a different image and color scheme.

  • Check or uncheck the next box. (Let others find my channel on YouTube if they have my email address) This gives you some control over who sees your videos.

  • Check the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy box after you read all the legalese.

  • Click the Create My Account button. If you leave any fields empty or if you choose a username that’s taken already, YouTube refreshes the page with red warning notes identifying the fields that need to be corrected before you can register.

After filling all the details, you get a Gmail account through which you would have access to YouTube also.