YouTube Marketing - Choosing a Video Title

We’ve covered some basic ways to increase SEO using a smart YouTube title. In this chapter, we will highlight some more ways to strategically optimize your YouTube video titles.

Put your keywords at the front of your title

Let’s take our relevant and interesting title mentioned before -- How to optimize SEO for YouTube videos to stand out – and adjust it to put the key words at the beginning. It becomes SEO for Videos: How to Stand Out.

Use a keyword tool

Use a good keyword tool to generate keyword ideas to incorporate in your title. Keywords allow viewers to find your video based on keywords for which they’re searching within YouTube. So it’s important that you use as many relevant keywords as possible when assigning them to your video.

keyword tool

Consider using a number in the title

This is something you’ll have to consider before shooting the video so it makes sense with your content. Titles with a number such as “SEO for Videos: 5 Ways to Stand Out” will rank higher typically than titles without a number.

Additionally, YouTube suggests that your title get to the point fast, include your channel/show name and episode number, and be concise.

Add Video Keywords

Keywords are used in the title, in the description, and in tags. Crawlers ranking your video cannot actually view or listen to your video, so they are depending on the keywords in the title, description, and tags to explain what our video is about.

  • Use your most important key words (pick two or three that work well together) for your title.

  • There are various sources that claim the benefits of both a short or long description. But it is most important that your description gives a concise explanation of what your video is about so that a viewer knows whether or not your video gives them what they are looking for in the search results.

  • Use your most important key words in the very beginning of the description, since the description will be abbreviated in the search results. You should definitely reuse the keywords in the tile both in the description and in the tags.

  • The tags should be an exhaustive list of keywords (up to 20) that are relevant to your video content.

Optimized Video Filename

First, this cannot be done in YouTube. If you want to change the filename of your video, you must change it on your computer prior to uploading it to YouTube.

Second, whether or not your video contains keywords does not impact your video’s reach. YouTube and Google crawlers do not care what your video’s filename is. This is a myth that apparently came about when YouTube changed its algorithm and users were scrambling to make the most with keywords. Google has stated that this is not relevant when crawlers are scanning for keywords.

However, there is no harm in changing your filename. This can make it easier for you to find your videos. But don’t expect the change to give you an SEO advantage.

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