What will be the consequences if you hide some secrets from your parents?

As children, we tend to hide many secrets from our parents due to obligations or even voluntarily. There are some good secrets that can be kept and there can be some ugly secrets as well.

The problems and issues begin once these ugly secrets get revealed through some channel to your parents. It can create umpteen no. of problems for yourself and your parents. Some of them are as follows:

Remaining under constant fear

  • When children keep too many secrets hiding from the parents, they feel guilty at some point or the other of not maintaining the required transparency.

  • There might be some secrets that can put the relation of the parents and the child into turmoil once the cat is out of the bag. Due to this factor, children want to avoid establishing a conversation about these aspects. But this keeps constant tension in their minds.

Break the bond of mutual trust

  • The parents and children share a pure bond of trust and faith. This kind of bond is built when the parents and kids share almost everything with each other.

  • Keeping too many secrets can also lead to change in the behavior patterns of children as well. With these happenings, the parents tend to lose the faith in the value of trust which is a dangerous sign for any relationship.

Falling into trouble

  • When there is transparency about the happenings in the children’s lives, the parents know the whereabouts of their kids. In the absence of this transparency, the children might get into trouble in some situations.

  • While, there is a scope for learning to handle situations independently, in maximum cases the children are unsuccessful in tackling the problem with their limited experiences. Parents may or may to be able to come to your rescue in such instances.

Can affect their health

  • Once the secret gets revealed, some destructive secrets can also leave an impact on the health of the parents both their physical and mental health.

  • While integrity gives strength, revealing the truth after hiding it for a long time hurts the emotional balance of the parents.

Lose confidence

  • The personality of the individual itself is affected once there are too many secrets that are kept hidden from the parents. The person tends to get more and more alienated from the family.

  • They tend to lose confidence in their primary relationships. Keeping secrets successively also become a habit that can be left detrimental effects on communication habits.