What are the responsibilities you have for your old parents?

Taking care of your parents in the old age is the moral responsibility of the children. Parents become extremely vulnerable in the old age and have tender minds that can get affected by even the tiniest of troubles. The parents take care of their children in their sensitive ages and phases. Hence, the children have to give their support to the parents during their difficult phases as well.

Here are some major responsibilities that the children should take for their old parents in this modern era:

Equip them with New Technology

Your parents come from a generation when mobiles or computer were either non-existent or were commodities of luxury.

Expose them to the world of social media with apps like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and Whats-app. Along with this teach them the skills to handle this technology patiently as they might find it difficult to learn it at one go.

This will help them stay connected with their loved ones and the physical distances get reduced.

Hire household help

During the old age, your parents do not possess the energy and enthusiasm to do all the household chores. In fact, they are tired of doing these activities for many decades. They deserve some break.

Hire domestic help to them who give them a total break from household activities. If possible even hire a good cook for them who prepare nutritious meals every day according to their requirements.

Take them to trips

Remember the first family picnic or the tour when you went to the hill station !!

These memories of your childhood and youth were possible because your parents invested their time, energy, money and lots of love upon you. It’s now your turn to take them to the places which they haven’t been to or want to explore e.g. a Pilgrimage tour.

Talk to them every day

Some children of this generation take their parents love and affection for granted and ignore them to such an extent that a regular conversation with parents also is not a part of their schedule.

Make it a point to talk to your parents regularly over the phone and visit them at least once or twice a month if you stay away from them.

Support for physical health

Make sure you take your parents for regular medical check-ups or request your family doctor to do the same. Help your parents to make the schedule for medicines and consume them on time.

Support and motivate your parents to join Yoga or Fitness clubs in the vicinity which will give them the scope to even socialize with friends of the same age group.