What respect you have for your parents?

My parents are my world. I owe myself to them completely. With each passing year, their bodies are becoming weaker and they are losing their physical strength. They have the privilege of having a caretaker 24/7 while I am not at home. So, I try to do my maximum work from home as I know that family members can provide both personal care and professional assistance.

Personalized care not only helps in the process of healing from illness but also helps in healing the emotional as well as mental scars. Getting a little bit chit-chat could relax their body, mind, and soul, and that is something I always think of.

My father taught me how to ride a bicycle, now I taught him how to use a smartphone. The other day, I gave him instructions on how to connect a video call. His hands were shaking, as he could not clearly follow my instructions initially. But, just when he succeeded in his effort and he could see me clearly right on the mobile phone screen in front of him, tears of joy rolled down his cheek.

Time has changed from being my mother’s baby to providing her care like that given to a baby. She gets tired easily now, but I become her strength.

Clearly, we all have come a long way in our lives. Technology has advanced and so have our lives become busier and a lot more technology driven. But, respect is what technology cannot overpower at all. We all must not refrain from expressing our love and respect for our parents. They have given us all they could, now it is our turn.