What are the things to be considered before you accept your job offer?

There are a few final things that are to be considered before you accept a job offer. The job offer comes only after you have agreed and attended the Interview and has passed through initial screening and finally, an official offer letter is mailed to you. This is the last stage for you to accept or reject the job and also the final evaluation stage to consider the Job opportunity.

The real question arises when you have more than one offer on hand you have to decide which one to go ahead with.

Here are some parameters based on which you can make the final decision.

  • If you are already given an offer letter, that means you have already negotiated your salary and other perks. At this stage probably you can negotiate on relocation packages and company accommodation for the initial few weeks till you settle down and shift your family.

  • Clarify each and every pay component listed in the offer letter. Get clarity about PF and gratuity payments, like whether employee and employer contribution of PF is included in CTC or will they pay gratuity if you leave the company a few months short of 5 years etc.,

  • If you have more than one job offer on hand compare the long-term benefits like retirement planning, health insurance etc., even though it may look lucrative to accept one offer based on net take-home salary, the other company may prove to be more beneficial in the long term.

  • The distance between your home and means to commute to office are to be finally assessed before you accept the offer.

  • Check for stability in the job. Discuss your project and other major projects which are there in the company’s account.

  • Evaluate the growth path and graph of your career advancements predicted by the company.

  • Check for the welfare policies of the company like bonuses, long-term service awards, annual rewards and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. These are little things which will make employees feel valued.

Updated on: 05-May-2022


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