What secrets are you hiding from your parents?

At some or the other point in life, we tend to hide a lot of secrets from our parents even with the existing bonds of love and care that we share with them. These might be due to various reasons but happens due to compulsion or as a mistake due to the natural human tendencies.

Following are some of the points that explain some secrets which are hidden from the parents -

  • Crush on someone − This is one of the biggest secrets that the children hide from their parents mainly in the stage of adulthood. The children tend to have an attraction which is more sensual in nature. The parents too do not accept these modern ideas due to their traditional mindsets and discussions of these ideas might spark a conflict in the family. So the children keep the thoughts about their crush with themselves.

  • Long-term aims and ambitions − While the parents are worried about short-term plans like completing the degree, getting the right job and others for their children, the children might have some long term goals which might include social service or starting your own enterprise. Considering the stress and anxiety of the parents for short-term plans itself, the children starting hiding their long-term ambitions and plans which they actually want to share with them.

  • Trips and night outs with friends − Some children these days like to spend more time with their friends as against family. They love to go on trips with their friends or have a night out at their friends’ places and believe in living their young life by making a lot of memories. There are many parents who do not like this liberal approach and hence the children hide these outings from them and tend to cover it with any lie e.g. they went for a college trip.

  • Being in relationships − This is a more intense form of a secret that is most prevalent in almost all the houses. The child of the house might have been in a relationship with his/ her partner for a long time and this has not been revealed to the parents at all. This mainly happens due to the fact that there is an atmosphere of pressure and fear in the home all the time.

  • Purchasing something − These are the shopping secrets that the children keep hidden from their parents. They tend to purchase some accessory or clothing which is generally purchased due to the peer pressure. Parents generally dislike contemporary choices and like to make choices for the kids themselves.

  • Academic performance − During the college days, the children tend to distract from the academic zone and their performance might drip. At such point, the children might hide the grades that they received and the progress cards by also forging the signatures of their parents.