How will you inspire your team if you are the Head of Marketing?

What are the basic aspects to assess the strengths of the marketing team? What are you aiming to do- inspiring them or motivating them? The act of actually stimulating a person’s mind to think and perform the way you want them to will define ‘Motivation’. However, the act of doing and achieving something because they want to achieve it is ‘Inspiration’.

As a Head of Marketing, I always look at inspiring people to do better in their jobs. This holds true for individuals in every sphere of life or business. To achieve is to inspire and to inspire, is to see your dream unfold before you.

Personal Inspiration

I have learned, over a period of time that people often look to their superiors or bosses for inspiration. Although it is not entirely surprising, however, the people who we choose to follow or get inspiration from makes a lot of difference. Talking about new entrepreneurs, their journey so far as well as the habits that they ardently followed, serves as great inspiration for the marketing team members.


We all understand that marketing is all about ingenuity and innovative ideas. Involving team members for complete brainstorming help to get everyone’s inputs. Every individual has a different way to process an idea. There is no better way than to involve everyone in this activity. What will it result in?

  • Great ideas
  • Enthusiastic team
  • A complete discussion on pros and cons
  • Make everyone equally responsible

OK to Procrastinate

If we all work round the clock without thinking, how will creativity find its place? It is alright for an individual to procrastinate a little since it will give way to some amount of thinking and creativeness. Being productive is great; however, not thinking, it not.


Every employee needs to feel that you trust them with a particular task. A manager, who openly communicates with his / her subordinates, will yield better results. There is no foolproof strategy to build a successful team; however, doing everything one can to push their limits and achieve sustainability is the key.


“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become of it”- John Ruskin.

I ensure that every person’s effort is rewarded in some way or another. Keeping it simple always goes a long way in maintaining team equilibrium.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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