Take care of your parents in old age or be ready to lose your salary.

Old age homes are the glaring examples of deteriorating human values and growing selfishness in the people. It is fine if people have no children. But many parents who have toiled their whole life to bring up their children are suffering in their old age due to the indifferent attitude of their children once they are on their own.

The parents might have sacrificed many things to bring up their kids and have spent their whole life earnings on their education and well being. After getting a good job and a good life, many people start thinking that it is a waste of money to spend anything on their old parents. This is a sad and pitiable story.

The Assam government has taken an excellent stand on this issue and has become the first state in the country to enact a law making it mandatory for government employees to look after their aging parents and disabled siblings. Those who are not taking care of their siblings and parents have to forego 10% of their salary.

The state Assembly passed the "Assam Employees Parental Responsibility Norms for Accountability Monitoring Act, 2017", that aims to prevent neglect of government workers’ parents and physically challenged siblings. In case there is any complaint against any government employee neglecting their parents and siblings, the government will cut 10% of the employee's salary and sends it directly to the parents.

Hope this will help out some neglected old parents. It is a very novel idea from Assam Government, which every state government should follow.