What is the significance of dreams in our life?

Great leaders and entrepreneurs from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, from Winston Churchill to Mahatma Gandhi had the courage to dream something. Every great movement in history has the dream and vision of these personalities recorded.

Dreams can be understood as aspirations and ambitions of a person to achieve a target or a goal in life for at an individual level or for a social cause. To achieve success in true spirit in your life, dreams play a very significant role. It can be understood by the following points -

Give Momentum To the Life

Dreams help an individual get a purpose in life. As Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam rightly mentioned, ‘Dreams are not the ones you get during sleep, but they are ones that do not let you sleep’. The person gets into the depth of life only when there are dreams both simple and complex to achieve in life. It is actually the foundation for the many milestones of success that gives strength to an individual.

Give Meaning to Individual's Personality

Dreams help a person understand himself or herself in many ways. It helps in gauging an understanding of what an individual wants to do in life and also channelize the efforts into short-term as well as long-term plans. Dreams transform an individual into a personality by getting the required skills and knowledge to move towards the direction of the dreams.

Dreams Get Translated Into Our Actions

You are what your thought process is. Your dreams define your thoughts and hence, it is important for any person to dream high and set ambitious goals. E.g. if a person dreams to start a venture that helps in women empowerment then it surely gets reflected in the day-to-day activities like the research and community visits.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020

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