Does our past influence our dreams?

Dreams may be sorrowful or may be pleasant. One should learn to live happily no matter how and what situation one may be in. No one would like to see a bad dream. We do fear nightmares and melancholic dreams, but there a few people who find a ray of hope even when surrounded by the darkest clouds ever.

See Life Beyond

It is sad, people lose hope and cry badly. They don’t think spiritually. Life is much beyond this materialistic way and manners. One should learn to be inspired by the metaphysical world rather than only physical love. Not every silver cloud will cause incessant rain because ”Every cloud has a silver lining.

Life is a journey and we are the wanderers on the path of life. The day we realize our ultimate purpose, we will not be affected by this petty stuff. Think Big, have a broader vision of one’s life.

Past Does Affect Us

We all have our own past having some sorrowful moments included and we keep on thinking of it and end up dreaming about it too. But at the end of the day, we all must know what is causing stress in our minds and affecting our health because ” Health is wealth.”