What does flying in dreams signify?

The human mind is Complex. It has many emotions, many thoughts, many ideas and many opinions. The way we communicate with ourselves clears the way we see things. A clear mind avoids many confusions and shows the way clearer.

Dreams are the reflections of stronger personalities. Dreams are also the gateways of our internal thoughts which we usually refuse to communicate or consider. The way we treat our inner self-reflect the way we realize what a dream says!!

“Flying in dreams” may signify achieving the dream goal, going beyond the limitations, reaching new heights in career or attaining higher levels of spirituality etc. Well, as mind plays all, it can also have the other contrary phase, such as compensating your lack of freedom, expressing yourself which you were not allowed to, or avoiding the stressful thoughts that might be bothering you.

This “dream of flying“ if makes you feel happier and lighter and if you were looking up for more happiness on your flight, symbolizes that you are looking forward to something good to happen in your life whether personal or professional. Elated flight shows utmost happiness filled in your heart.

Well, if you are feeling nervous that you are going too high or worried “what would happen now?” then be sure, you are afraid of making some decisions which you are about to do in your real life. You might be thinking that you were taking risks or you are going for something too big to handle all by yourself or so.

On the Contrary, if you are feeling perfectly well and trying to be balanced during your flight. Like, while you are flying, if you are having a feeling that you are controlling yourself not to go too fast or too slow, then yup!! You are the one with full control over your personal sense of power. You are trying to make your emotions and your thoughts also under control. You would neither jump with happiness nor gloom your day with sadness. You are the master of your emotions.

Well, life is a journey...Enjoy your flight. Happy dreams!!!