What are the famous street foods available in Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh is a state that has different varieties of cuisine compared to that of the other states in India. The reason being that the state is mostly populated by tourists who have come from all over the world in order to gain some peace and serenity.

Since there are a variety of people dwelling in this area there also has to an adequate cuisine. Let's discuss some of the most popular street foods in this state.

Chole bhature

  • This is street food that is available in most parts of North India. The uniqueness of this dish in this area is that it tastes very different from that of the other kinds of chole bhature.

  • The dish mainly comprises of steaming hot puris along with chole curry that is chickpeas. This dish has become so famous because it's very economical and it fills up the belly.


  • Though this is traditionally a Tibetan dish it is highly consumed in this state. When you visit certain parts of Shimla there you will see street vendors very busy steaming momos and you will also see the public go gaga over the food.

  • These momos are served best with chili and pudina chutney and on occasions also served with mayonnaise.


  • Also, knows as “panipuri” this is, without doubt, the best street food dish that a kid or even an old person would crave for.

  • This is basically a fried but smaller version of a puri and it is served by filling it with flavored water and chole. This can be found almost anywhere and is very famous and economical.

  • Having an immune body system will accept this dish better as some fragile people do fall sick rarely.

Fruit chaat

  • Very commonly found, it is one of the most favorite food items for a tourist. The fruit chaat is basically like a fruit salad except for the fact that it has chaat masala sprinkled on it that gives it a totally different flavor.

  • The fruit chaat basically consists of fruits like apple, watermelon, banana, and chickpeas. This is a must try when people visit Himachal Pradesh.


  • These sweets are so famous in the region mainly because of its very unique taste where it's hard on the outside but juicy in the center.

  • Not only this reason but also that when the jalebis are being made, unlike other sweets these are really hot and crispy and for a weather condition like Himachal Pradesh where it is predominantly cold this is the best snack ever.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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