What are some popular things made with Python?

In this article, we will learn some popular things made with Python. The following are some of the popular applications made using python.


Instagram is the most popular social networking site, allowing users to record videos and photographs, modify them with various digital filters, and share them with their Instagram followers. It is one of the best Python application examples.

The Instagram app changed the landscape of digital photography by making it more accessible and popular, instantly defining new marketing norms, and expanding lines of creativity.

Instagram, with roughly 400 million active users per day, disproves the notion that Python applications are not scalable. Instagram engineer Hui Ding stated that their engineering slogan is 'Do the simple things first,' which is exactly what Python requires of its developers.


Netflix is the world's leading internet television network, with over 33 million subscribers in 40 countries watching over one billion hours of TV shows and movies per month, including Netflix's original series. Netflix's technical blog claims that −

“Netflix developers are free to use the technologies that are best suited for the job. Python is becoming increasingly popular among developers because to its extensive batteries-included standard library, short and clear yet expressive syntax, vast developer community, and richness of third-party libraries available to solve a given problem.”


Pinterest is a social media network that allows its users to search for and save any data on the Internet. This image-based platform saves data as GIFs, short videos, and photos. It boasts a dynamic user base of over 335 million and a strong presence and user engagement for a broad range of topics such as technology, fashion, science, food, and DIY.

This platform is used by people to subscribe to other users and share boards. During the early stages of developing the mobile and web applications, the Pinterest team chose Python and a heavily modified Django framework.

Django and Python help Pinterest influence user experiences, assure speedy push notifications, and real-time photo updates, deal with massive amounts of content and keep up with the growing number of users.


Spotify is the world's largest music streaming service, with annual revenue of roughly €4 billion. It is a dominant market participant and one of the most popular Python users among businesses. The organization chose Python because of its advanced data analytics capabilities and rapid development pace.

This enables Spotify to manage functions like Discover and Radio, which are entirely dependent on the customers' unique musical preferences.

Spotify describes why it employs Python for project development in one of its blogs, stating −

“Spotify is thought to place a high value on speed. Python fits well into this approach since it provides huge progress in project development speed. We also make extensive use of Python frameworks to facilitate IO-based services.”


Uber is a ride-hailing service that also provides food delivery, peer-to-peer ridesharing, and bicycle sharing (among other things). Consider this: the corporation operates in 785 metropolitan regions worldwide and has an estimated 122 million subscribers. That's a lot of numbers.

However, Python manages vast amounts of data and is simple to learn and use, two reasons why it is so popular. These advantages make it a natural choice for businesses whose applications must be stable, and secure and rely on developers all around the world to maintain them.


Reddit is a web content ranking, debate, and social news aggregation platform. It enables registered users to submit content in the form of text entries, links, and images. And this can be downvoted or upvoted by several other members. It is one of the most inspiring Python app examples as of February 2018, with around 542 million visitors per month.

It is extremely popular as the internet's front page, with over 330 million visitors per month. Users use localization management tools to help translate Reddit into 89 different languages. Furthermore, Python manages complicated functionality and workloads thanks to its 'batteries included' manner.


Dropbox is a well-known web-based hosting service that offers file synchronization, cloud storage, client software, and personal cloud. Dropbox, a Python-based storage strategy, is used by users who want to access any file on their computer devices from any location.

Dropbox is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. It takes initiative to coordinate and distribute files across multiple devices over the cloud.

According to its software engineers, employing Python results in readability, excellent support, and simplicity of memorization. Python provides a consistent and quick development cycle. As a result, any new features may be rapidly implemented, distributed, and tested.


Python is a significant part of the Facebook technology stack, accounting for 21% of the codebase. Facebook has been upgraded to 3.4 and has released open-source projects that are solely for Py3. With Python, the Facebook team can reduce the amount of code. They also improved the app's efficiency and the consistency of the infrastructure.

Python is also utilized in a few critical Facebook services. Tornado is used to manage multiple connections at the same time. Tornado is extremely similar to the Django web framework in terms of security and user authentication. Tornado updates the users' news feed on a regular basis. Python has thus far proved useful in −

  • Making full-scale placement possible
  • Accepting communication between network devices
  • Assisting with burn-in testing
  • Helping with server imaging
  • Auto-remediation made possible
  • Detecting several errors
  • Examining server performance
  • Automating maintenance tasks


Quora is a website that allows all internet users to ask questions, get answers, and modify them in the form of views or facts. Quora has over 300 million monthly visitors, and 15,000 answers are posted daily on the platform.

The Quora engineering team chose Python because they were sure that it would continue to evolve in the direction that they perceived as appropriate for their codebase. Python benefited from eight criteria −

  • Readability
  • A stable ecosystem
  • The syntax is simple.
  • Capability to create more functions with fewer code lines
  • Backend and frontend development efficiency
  • Creating applications that are more interoperable
  • Fewer efforts, faster progress, and cost-cutting measures


Python was once utilized for rough draughts and startup development since it was easy and inexpensive. However, the simplest solutions are frequently the most dependable. The more pieces a mechanism has, the more likely something will break or someone will make a mistake, as many huge corporations discovered the hard way. That's why they selected Python, and why so many of the world's most popular apps are written in Python.

Updated on: 15-Dec-2022


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