Tips for creating the best YouTube channel name

There are four different kinds of YouTube channel names that a creator can make. These are:

  • The personal name of the creator.

  • Name of the creator’s brand.

  • Name of creator’s niche.

  • An adjective based on the creator’s niche.

There aren’t too many rules for making the channel name. As long as it is not violating YouTube’s community guidelines, it can also be made as long as 50 characters, and seemingly as short as a single letter.

Here are some steps to help you make the right choice −

Define your channel

Keeping in view of, delivering online content, a creator needs to develop a deep understanding of his niche.

For Example: “Epic Meal Time” one of the most popular food related channels on YouTube (6.91 million subscribers). It gives us an idea that the channel is about food.

Determine your target audience

Any channel can only be successful if both creator and audience understand each other. So, if a creator wants to have a good name, then know the audience and understand the way they communicate online.

For example − a channel Excellent Dude have dozens of Microsoft Excel tutorials. The channel name combines “Excel” and “excellent” to target audience for best excel tutorials.

Research your companions and competitors

YouTube doesn’t mind if multiple users have the same account names. So, if a creator wants the perfect name, research the competitors to avoid brand confusion.

Try to be original and Unique

If a creator has a catchy, unique username that no one’s ever thought of before, it might be the best choice and great luck. Even if it doesn’t belong to the niche of the organization. After all, no one used the word Google beforehand.

For example: “The Action Lab” is a growing science channel, it is unique as well as eye catching.

Gather your socials

The best part of coming up with an incredibly unique name is that a creator can also grab all the social media handles. Having the same identity across all platforms is a sure-fire way to build a solid foundation for the brand.

For example: Nas Daily, a famous YouTube channel have all his social media handles with the name Nas Daily.

Consider capitalization

One may not have considered the fact that YouTube names are case sensitive, but they are case sensitive. And that plays a huge role in the access ability and memorable nature of the channel.

For example: In Nas Daily, N and D initials are Capital.

In BRIGHT SIDE all are capital.

Sound it out

Video is a more complicated medium than just writing online or podcasting and a creator must be speaking the channel name out too loud.

Keep it simple

The all-time advice for nearly everything, keep it simple. A creator need not explain the YouTube channel name, the name should be self-explainable. It should be easy to spell and even easier to remember by the audience.

For Example: Bright Side a famous channel, which have videos on discoveries, space exploration, true stories, fitness, fun tests, riddles, or useful tips for self-improvement, psychology, gadgets, or just your day-to-day routine, there’s something for everyone! Have a simple name showing the brighter side of life.


Are you one of the creators who want to explore a new niche, are you planning to revamp your YouTube channel? Then follow the steps and advice given above and dive into the step-by-step guide about renaming your YouTube. As, the Channel Name appears on every video, channel page, and in search results. Also, it is how people will define and understand your channel. The channel name must showcase the creator’s brand.

Updated on: 13-Sep-2022


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