Tips and Tricks to create Shorts on YouTube channel

There are tons of content on YouTube, so a creator must successfully break through the noise. If a creator wants his Shorts to stand out amidst all the competition, create stunning content that grabs and retains audiences. Some tips and tricks are:

Create a Catchy Title

Short needs a short and captivating title. High click rate and visibility of content starts with catchy and compelling titles. After all, the title tells the viewers what’s the content of the Shorts.

Use Custom Thumbnails

Apart from the Shorts page, viewers can also view short clips on their feeds. So, a high-quality, customized thumbnail for each short video is a necessity. Design-grabbing thumbnails to boost engagement.

Add a Call-to-Action in the Comments

Shorts are specifically curated to keep the scroll on and on. However, a creator can still hook viewers to the brand by incorporating a strong call-to-action. Use CTA in the comments and pin it on the top.

Optimize Stories

Promote Shorts by putting them as highlights in the Stories. Ask to subscribe and hit the notification button of the channel. Encourage them to leave comments for extra engagement.

Strive for Consistency

Consistency is key with Shorts. Make a weekly schedule and implement it. The frequency will depend on the overall goals of the channel. Also, make sure the quality of the content is always the best.

Stick to a Selective Niche

To have a consistent growth of audience on YouTube shorts, stick to a specific niche. Most of the prominent content creators already apply tips. First, identify the target audience. Based on that, work on content, create and share to attain consistent growth on YouTube.

Add music to YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts looks lifeless without any music. YouTube gives the option to add music to short videos to make them more attractive. Good music always attracts a lot of attention.

Alter the speeds of video clips

The shorts are of less period so adjust and capture a short video at various playback speeds offered by the YouTube app. You can make a short video in 5 pre-set playback speeds

Slow, 0.5x

Very slow, 0.3x

Normal, 1x

Fast, 2x

Very fast, 3x

Post a comment on a short video

Add a comment and pin it within the short video comment section to direct the audience to additional content, some prizes or giveaways. It is important to use this pinned comment trick to get more subscribers.

Submit the shorts video to the main shorts rack

This is a very important trick that needs to be followed to allow YouTube’s algorithm to recommend and present short videos. Once you’ve finished all details, be sure to add the hashtag “#shorts” in the video title and description. This will help YouTube recommend the video on the app’s main clips shelf. Make sure to set visibility for the audience and choose the right audience for the content.


The best way to learn how to use Shorts to increase audiences is just to get started and play around with it. Make some test videos and see how it works. While YouTube Shorts is still new, it has a long way to go. Meanwhile, I hope that the tips and tricks mentioned above help you to start using YouTube Shorts like a pro.

Updated on: 05-Sep-2022


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