How to Create a Creative Description for YouTube Channel?

Your YouTube channel description plays a vital role in getting a good number of subscribers. Visitors can discover more about you and the kind of videos you make by reading your channel description. Additionally, visitors can become subscribers with the help of a well-written channel description and using keywords in your channel description can boost its YouTube SEO.

Top Techniques to create a creative description for YouTube channel

Beginning is vital

Your channel description's first 100 to 150 characters are crucial, because in the search results, YouTube displays the following 100–150-character sample next to your channel −

For instance, If I search for TV9, it appears as below

Additionally, this is the section of your description that viewers will read first, like it will be the first image of your Channel to the viewer. Therefore, you must communicate it in a better way. As shown about the first 100-150 character are displayed for TV9 Telugu live. We can clearly understand, what this channel all about.

Here is an another example, have a look at The Cook Book YouTube channel description. It clearly describes- what the channel is all about and what kind of recipes they are going to teach. As well as, they provided email address and Instagram Id for a better communication.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Many YouTubers make themselves the focus of their channel description. But, for the majority of channels, it's crucial to illustrate the advantage that the viewers will receive from watching your videos.

For instance, the Vox YouTube channel description's first sentence makes it crystal apparent benefits will watching their videos provide. They have also shared the communication medium via which the users can reach them, that will give the subscriber a confidence towards Vox’s channel.

Use keywords for your YouTube Channel Description

A channel with good optimization will appear in YouTube search results. For instance, when you search for "bodybuilding" on YouTube, the YouTube channel will appear as a #2 result on YouTube.

To rank videos and channels on YouTube, a variety of ranking parameters are used. However, YouTube gives a lot of importance to the words you use in your channel description when it comes to ranking your YouTube channel.

Therefore, consider the keywords that users might enter to find your channel on YouTube. Add a few of those to your channel description.

For instance, The Fitness Blender YouTube Channel employs a number of keywords that may catch viewers interest as shown below −

For example, if you search with the keyword “Full length workout videos” on YouTube, the Fitness Blender YouTube channel will appear first on the YouTube search results. (as shown below). It is all because their YouTube description has really good keywords and that makes their viewers to click on their channel and hence their videos come on the top.

Schedule Your Videos

Your channel description – It is an ideal place to emphasize your upload schedule.

For instance, Fit Tuber includes a thorough timetable in the description of their channel: This will help your viewers to keep a track on your next video. That will also create a excitement in the subscribers.

Call to Action

Don't be hesitant to include a clear CALL TO ACTION (i.e., to subscribe to your YouTube channel) at the end of your description. As long as they have your channel page open, this encourages them to subscribe.

For instance, Telugu Tech Pro Channel ends its channel description by urging you to subscribe to the channel.

Once you've perfected your channel descriptions, don't forget to go back and make sure your content is equally stellar. While the ideal video description and title can draw viewers in, only excellent content will keep them interested to watch your videos.

Updated on: 27-Jul-2022


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