Tips for picking the best YouTube handle name

YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine, and with the help of the latest updates about YouTube Handle, it is certain to grow its audience and users.

YouTube handles are sure to bring change to the creators as well as all their users, making it simple to locate those who are favoured by the content. On the other hand, the introduction of YouTube handles is certain to reduce the risk and fraud on the platform. This will increase the security of the platform and eliminate comments and interactions with bots and dodgers.

Getting noticed on popular platforms like YouTube is difficult. However, YouTube handles have made your job simpler. You can easily find creators' content. It will help you increase your visibility. You will be able to recognise yourself uniquely. It may also be utilised to connect with other YouTube creators. Also, it will help the audience find you on YouTube.

Creators of YouTube handles must be very careful when selecting them. It will undoubtedly be a great asset to their channels in terms of visibility. Every channel should pay extra attention when choosing a YouTube handle. With so many benefits YouTube creators must be intentional about creating YouTube handles.

Tips to have an attractive handle

Some tips that can be followed for making the YouTube handle are −

Avoid Confusion

Your YouTube handle should be like your channel name. It will aid in reducing confusion for your audience and will give them the means to find you and connect with you.

Like in image below this channel should take the handle as @quikplay not @quickplay.

Choose a handle that is short and sweet

A long handle will make it more difficult for others to remember your name and share it with them. A short one will make sharing your name simpler.

Like in image below the channel name is big, it should try a short and sweet handle so that can be remembered.

Pick a handle that will represent your content niche

You can choose a handle that is related to your channel name and the niche of your content, if the exact handle like your channel is not available i.e., already claimed. This will help your audience recognize your handle and increase your visibility.

Like in image below, it a game channel of Roblox games, it should stick to @blox4fun.

Choose a handle with the right keywords

Using the right keyword in your handle will help you rank and be visible in searches, whether you are a business owner or focus on a specific niche.

The channel down below has a right keyword of phone repair. It should stick to it only.

Pick an attractive and easy-to-remember handle

Having an attractive handle helps to captivate the audience and makes them share about your channel. Your handle name should be easy to remember so that people remember to share your channel. If your handle name is difficult to remember, people will forget to mention your handle, and you may lose your audience.

The channel in the image down below should choose an easy name.

Your handle name Should be Sticky

You want your Channel Name to be something that people can easily remember. So, the more unique your name, the more it will stick in people’s minds.

The channel name down below is unique and sticky, so stick to it@Epicmealtime

Select a handle that is easy to pronounce

Having a name that is easy to pronounce will never fail to attract the attention of the audience. Sometimes, verbal or mouth publicity is done. If the channel handle is not pronounced correctly, you may lose viewers.

This channel name has high chances of mis pronunciation. So be cautious.

Try avoiding the use of numbers or special characters

Using numbers and special characters may lead to confusion, and it will also make it hard to remember your handle. It can make your name seem autogenerated.

For example, I owe a channel Knowledge Hub and if I take @Knowledgehub4763. It looks weird and difficult to remember.

Creators of personal brand channels, can always choose their first name and last name

Having your name as your handle name is not harmful. Take benefit of your name when working on your personal brands. It will surely provide you with a benefit in making your brand a success.

For examples the channel down below is a personal brand channel with the first and last name of creator.

Follow YouTube guidelines

Follow YouTube guidelines while choosing your handle name. It is the most important criterion while thinking about your handle. If you violate YouTube guidelines, your channel can be blocked.

Some more examples of the well-known Youtubers and the handle they can own.

The popular channel Nasdaily can own @Nasdaily.

The popular Brightside channel can own the handle @brightside.

The PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber, can own the handle @PewDiePie.

An Indian YouTuber, Technical Guruji, can own the handle @technicalguruji.

In the same way, you can choose the available handle that is like your channel name.

Wrapping Up

You will find plenty of content on YouTube that people enjoy, so choosing the right handle is critical. Take advantage of the opportunity and become visible in the world's most popular search engine by choosing the best YouTube handle. So, be smart and pick the best YouTube handle.

Also, as channel handle are unique, grab them fast. Otherwise, they will be claimed.

Updated on: 29-Nov-2022

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