Tips and Tricks to make your own YouTube Channel Trailer

In this article we are going to learn about how can we make our YouTube channels trailer more interesting and more engaging for the audience, such that they can get motivated to subscribe to our channel and even follow our all the updates.

Keep it short

The people a creator is trying to grab, probably don’t know who they are, and they’ve got no reason to stick around for very long to find out. Make the start quickly. We recommend keeping the trailer under one minute. Audiences have less patience to devote time on any channel. They want to be hooked immediately. 30 to 40 seconds is the best time. For example, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a a30 second trailer.

Take viewers on a journey

Showcasing a unique personality in front of the camera enables a creator to have deeper and stronger connections with new audiences. The most successful channel trailers are those that take audiences on a journey. A creator should take them on a journey right from the story that why the channel was started, the topics to be covered, etc.

Storytelling also comes with the following benefits:

hits emotional quotient.

convey creators’ personalities.

keeps viewers engaged and eager.

makes content more memorable.

When a personal story is told in a fun, fresh, and relatable way, people feel like they know the creator, which ultimately leads to more subscribers. For example, Monica have shared her special moments with audiences and then talk about her channel.

Ask people to subscribe

The whole point of a channel trailer is to get people to subscribe, so don’t forget to ask them for the call to action at the end of the video. A creator should also use YouTube annotations to add subscribe buttons.

Include music and high-quality graphics

Animated graphics combined with the right music grabs attention quickly. Great visuals will keep the audience spellbound, and the music will set the tone and energy for the channel trailer. Also pick music and graphics that are consistent with words, channel, and brand. A cohesive brand image leads to increased brand awareness, making the channel recognizable to viewers.

Use Some Fun Annotations

YouTube is great for having unique and helpful graphical annotation on the screen while the video is playing. Having some fun and useful annotations, such as a joke, an emoji or a subscribe icon, during the video can be very helpful to new viewers. They also help to boost engagement with the content.

Have credibility and prove it.

There is plenty of information on the internet, both right and wrong. The audience needs to know that the channel is trustworthy, so it would be better if a creator is an expert in the field, of the channel. It would be best for the creator to mention his education or successful working experience in that field. For example, Tokyo creative popular Japan-based vloggers are all together in one place.

Use captions and clips

To make the trailer more appealing, combine short scenes, sounds, text etc. Add a short title on the first screen or list out the key topics that will be covered in the channel. Also, using captions for those watching the trailer with the sound off will be helpful.

Assume to Have New Viewers

When creating the channel trailer, the creator should assume that the people who will be watching it don’t know about him. With that in mind, be sure the video answers the question, “Who are you?” “What type of videos are found on the channel?” This information help viewers to determine the channel is worth subscribing to or not. For example, Sean Tucker assumes that each photographer visiting his channel is new and that helps him be more creative with his Trailer videos.

Update Your Trailer Regularly

Brand changes every six months in a year. A creator can change the look, type of content, frequency of uploads or other parts of the channel. The creator should ensure to update the trailer each time when significant changes are done to the channel.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

As many people use YouTube on mobile devices, a creator should make the channel trailer mobile friendly. The readable captions should be big enough to grab the audience’s eyes.


Creating a channel trailer for the YouTube channel is a wonderful way to introduce a new audience to the content. They learn about the creator, his channel and the topics that will be covered. It convinces them to watch the videos and subscribe to the channel.

Updated on: 05-Sep-2022


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