Tips and Tricks to get your YouTube Channel Verified

Having around 17 million content creators on YouTube, YouTube is getting crowded day by day. Roughly 300 hours of video get uploaded every single minute of a day. So, brands and creators today are looking for new ways to stand out in the crowd. Today it’s important for YouTube channels to get credibility through a verification badge.

This little tick mark next to the channel name gives a channel sense of legitimacy. It is proof that the channel has survived the early teething stages, fought its way through the content jungle and competitors, and thus earned official recognition from YouTube.

To ensure that the channel gets the verification badge, follow the following tips −

Create quality content

Create incredible and quality videos that attract more views and be regular in posting them. Choose the right equipment, identify the niche and script the video to focus on the audience to ensure that the content is more appealing. The key to moving into the marathon of content is consistency. For YouTube to take any channel seriously one needs to be posting regular content and it better be good. That means a creator has zero margins for error. YouTube verification demands commitment and dedication.

Respond to comments

The best way to establish authenticity is to engage the viewers directly. It helps to build trust, and recognition and lets everyone know about the creator. Replying to comments also encourages the audience to subscribe to the channel. Having clear CTAs at the end like asking your audience to like, subscribe and share the video also helps the channel to grow, thus helping the YouTube community to value a creator.

Be authentic

A creator should talk about himself and channel to audiences. Talk about the product or service without any show-off. Relevance is the main key here. Avoid any unethical techniques to promote the channel like buying followers or spamming users. Violating any YouTube policies or terms and conditions could decrease the chances of getting a verification badge. Make a recognisable brand.

Use YouTube’s customization options to manage the channel layout, banner image, watermark etc. All of these options boost credibility.

Also, adopting a multi-channel approach with reciprocal links to and from the website and social channels further enhances the brand’s reputation.

These all steps increase the authenticity of the channel thus increasing the chances of being verified

Encourage audience participation

The most successful YouTube channels not only make the best content but also encourage audiences’ participation. They’re often the ones who are most adept at self-promotion. They encourage viewers to interact with their content by hitting ‘Like’, sharing with friends, and subscribing to the channel for more great content.

Once a creator follows the tips, it will be easy for him to get a badge like these channels:


A channel can be proud of having a cool grey verification badge next to its name. But it isn’t everything. But a creator can have a successful YouTube channel with or without it. The key, as always, is to make good content that is loved by the viewers.

Updated on: 05-Sep-2022


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