What are the Tips and Tricks to starting a YouTube channel

The YouTube platform is booming day by day, a new content creator has a tremendous opportunity to build a successful YouTube channel from scratch. Before you dive into the ocean of video content, there are some things that you need to think about to maximize your chances of success.

The purpose of Starting a Channel

One of the most important YouTube tips for beginners is to know the purpose of starting the channel. It’s a passion, promoting the business or trying to make a YouTube channel as a business. Defining a purpose will help to make content.

The purpose is the basis for three key elements: topic coverage, target audience, and reason for existence.

  • WHAT the videos will be about.
  • For WHOM videos are made.
  • WHY they should watch videos.

Define these things before launching the channel.

Frequent Video uploads

Decide on a production schedule. Be realistic, honest, and think long-term 2. What are the Tips and Tricks to starting a YouTube channel

Changing up the frequency later could tick off the viewership. Even missing one day, week, or month could anger fans. The more this happens, the more likely they will unsubscribe. When you have, opt for lesser frequency.

Check the frequency of YouTube channel Nas Daily.

YouTube Success: Substance and Style

The true key to success is "substance AND style." YouTube viewers judge based on the styling of the channel besides the content.

A successful YouTube channel needs these styling −

  • Smart titles
  • Consistent format
  • Video thumbnails
  • Smart Profile picture

Icon of a famous YouTube channel.

Attractive thumbnails of various channels.

Create a banner and icon

The YouTube channel banner is the first thing viewers and possible subscribers see.

An effective banner lets the viewer know where they are, and compels the viewer to stay and check videos.

A channel icon is like a logo of the channel. It should match the brand and complement the channel banner.

Banner and icon of Nas Daily.

Know the niche

Focused content is important. Try to find your niche and stick to it. Discover the area to speak about. Audiences are more likely to trust and engage with content creators who hold authority and proficiency in their area.

Create a channel trailer

When someone visits the channel for the first time, a channel trailer is a way for them to get a sneak peek at the content.

Assuming them to be perfect strangers, introduce and tell them exactly why they should subscribe. Keep it short, sweet and snappy and let them know what content they will see.

Good channel trailer of Yoga channel.

Just start recording and upload

“Practice makes perfect” is right but not true in this case. Watch enough professional YouTubers and just record. Start making videos as soon as possible. Learning how to start a YouTube channel as a beginner largely means pick th camera and start shooting.

Don’t forget SEO

YouTube is not only a video platform but a search engine for videos. It’s important to familiarize SEO best practices for YouTube videos

Start putting targeted keywords in the name of the video file, title, and description. Try to put targeted keywords in the channel’s brand name. Add keywords in tags and hashtags.

Don’t forget competitor research.

Analyse YouTube analytics

Data is the key to understanding whether videos are performing or not. YouTube analytics will provide several key points of data, including views, location of viewers, subscribers number and more. So, study analytics deeply for success.

Don’t worry too much about your camera

Purchasing the best camera should not be your top priority. Smartphones will do the job initially. Instead of getting a new camera right away, getting tools that make it easier to shoot with the phone is wise. Eventually, upgrade to camera later in the journey.

Do worry about audio

One of the most common mistakes that every new YouTubers makes, is concentrating too much on video quality of content and neglecting audio. If the audio is not clear, or the background music is too loud, get ready for complaints in the comments.

What needs to be heard is heard. The best way to do this is by having a strong microphone. Purchase a good microphone before a good camera.

Necessary equipment’s

Buy Some essential equipment for creating high-quality videos like −

  • Camera − a high-quality webcam or smartphone is good to start.

  • Tripod − You want a tripod to hold the video capturing device and keep it steady.

  • Microphone − The built-in microphones are often terrible. Purchase an external microphone and record the audio separately, mix it with the video afterwards.

  • Green Screen − A green screen is necessary to change the background in videos.

  • Screen Capture Software − necessary if videos involve screen capturing, like software video tutorials or PC gameplay.


Cross-promote YouTube channels across other networks to help maximize success. Start promoting videos on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or website, and partner up with other YouTubers to increase Viewers. Use end screens effectively to keep viewers around and make sure they don't leave without subscribing to the channel. One can add other videos, a subscribe button, or a link to another channel to keep viewers engaged.

Bright side a famous YouTube channel video’s end screen.


These are some of the key things that need to be known to become a successful YouTube channel creator. Use these tips to set up the channel, optimize it to get videos ranked, and gain more subscribers. These are especially helpful if one is new to YouTube and starting fresh.