Squat Alternatives

What is Squat?

Squat is an exercise which is performed for strengthening muscles and burning fat. The exercise can be performed in different ways which is beneficial for different muscles. Multiple joint and muscle integration is required to perform the exercise. Many muscles help the performers to walk climb stairs, bend, carry heavy loads, and do a lot of work.

Why there is a need for Squat Alternatives?

Squat has many disadvantages if it is not performed properly. Some of the disadvantages are listed here −

  • Risk of back injury

  • Shoulders may get strained

  • Knees may be injured

How to choose a Squat Alternative?

Squat has many advantages which should also be present in its alternative. Some of these advantages are as follows −

  • Your core and back muscles will be strengthened

  • Knees flexibility can be improved

  • It can help in posture improvement

  • Weight loss due to fat burn

  • Lower back is strengthened

Top 10 Squat Alternatives

People who may have problems in performing Squats can go for its alternatives which will be discussed below in detail.

Alternative 1 – Hip Bridge

Hip Bridge is an exercise in which people lay down on their back and take deep breaths. In order to perform this exercise, you have to lie down and bent the knees. The feet should be hip width apart. The arms should be laid by your sides. The next step is to lift the hips in the air as much as you can. The ribs should be knitted and the core should be tight. Bring back your hips to the mat.

Alternative 2 – Lunges

Lunge is an exercise in which you have to put your body and shoulders straight. The shoulders should be relaxed. The right leg should be moved back and then the left one. The hips should be lowered till the time the position of both knees comes at an angle of 90 degrees. The exercise will help in building muscles which will also include thighs, buttocks, and hamstrings.

Alternative 3 – Single Leg Bridge

This exercise is same as the hip bridge. The only difference is that it has to be performed with one leg at a time. One of the legs should be lifted in the air. Now the hips should be raised into the air while supporting the heels. The core should be kept tight while doing the exercise.

Alternative 4 – Clamshells

Clamshells is an exercise that works on abductors. In order to perform the exercise, lie down on your side. The spine should be parallel to the mat. Bend the knees and heels should be kicked slightly in the direction of the glutes. Now lift the top leg but both the foot should be connected.

Alternative 5 – Side Lunges

Side lunges is another beneficial alternative to squats. To perform the exercise, you have to stand while keeping your feet apart. Now bend one of the legs and keep straight the opposite one. Most of the weight should be kept on the leg that is bent. Now move to the normal position.

Alternative 6 – Single Leg Deadlift

Single leg deadlift can be performed to enhance the balance. To perform the exercise, one of the legs should be bent and lifted to the belly. Balance has to be made on the other leg. The lifted leg should be extended and the torso should be hinged forward. The movement should be stopped when the heel and head come horizontally. Now return to the balanced position.

Alternative 7 – Foldover

To perform this exercise, one palm should be placed over another on a chair. The legs should be pushed back till the time head and hips come in the same line. Lift the back leg in a straight position. And then lower it till the time the toe comes to the ground.

Alternative 8 – Weighted kickups

This is a squat alternative which can work on your upper body. In this exercise, the hands should be placed under the shoulders and legs under the hips. Now a weight has to be placed behind the knees and heels should be kicked in the direction of pelvis. The next step is to raise the thighs and the glutes should be squeezed at the top. Now bring the back leg to the starting position.

Alternative 9 – Deadlifts

Deadlifts can be performed with the help of barbell or dumbbells. In order to start this exercise, keep a weight on one of the hands. Turn the palms towards yourself while placing the arms towards the thighs. Keeps the hips to the back and bend on the waist. Now start standing and come back to the original position.

Alternative 10 – Reverse Lunges

This is another great alternative for squat. The exercise should be started by standing and keeping the legs apart. Now both the knees should be bent up to 90 degrees. Now return to the original position while driving the front heel.


Squat has to be performed under a trainer and that is the reason alternatives are needed. There are many alternatives to squats. All these alternatives are beneficial for the body to make it strong.

Updated on: 09-May-2023


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