Truecaller Alternatives

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is an app which protects you from scammers and robocallers. The Caller ID feature of the app will let you know the name of the calling person. The Powerful Dialer feature helps in revising number lookup. The Truecaller app is being used by many smartphone users.

Cost of Truecaller

The Truecaller app is completely free and can be installed on all platforms. If you want to unlock some extra features, you will have to purchase a Premium Pro membership. This membership removes ads and you will also receive a professional badge on your profile.

Why there is a need for Truecaller Alternatives?

The Truecaller app has a lot of features. One of these features is to identify calls coming from an unknown number. Truecaller can slowdown the performance of mobiles and can also lead to drainage of batteries. If you are facing such issues, there are many alternatives that you can use instead of this app. In this article, we will discuss about the top 10 alternatives of the Truecaller app.

How to choose a Truecaller Alternative?

You need to check the following features before choosing an alternative −

  • Phone call recording

  • Contact and call list backup

  • Integration with other apps

  • Look up numbers through camera

  • Call alerts

Top 10 Truecaller Alternatives

There are many alternatives of Truecaller and we will discuss some of them here.

Alternative 1 – Whoscall

Whoscall is an app that can operate on both Android and iOS mobiles. Offline database is one of its unique features and users will be able to identify unknown callers even if their mobile is not connected to the internet. The user base of the app is 70 million and database is over one billion. You will get the name of the caller as soon as somebody calls you. You can block spam calls, and can also search for numbers.

Alternative 2 – Hiya

Hiya is a powerful Caller ID application which can operate on both Android and iOS mobiles. The app not only lets you know about the callers but it will also tell you which messages should be blocked or avoided. The application is available for free and it also does not have any ads. The user interface of the app is easy to use.

Alternative 3 – Call Control

Call Control is a free Caller ID application which has the feature of blocking and blacklisting spam callers automatically. The app also has the feature of filtering messages automatically. A Do Not Disturb mode is available. As the app blocks spam calls automatically, you will not receive any such calls.

Alternative 4 – Mr. Number

Mr. Number is another excellent alternative to the Truecaller app. The app has the feature of blocking unknown and spam callers The application also has the feature of allowing or blocking calls from a number as per your choice.

Alternative 5 – Drupe

Drupe is available on Google Play Store The user interface of the app is simple and easy to use. The app can be installed easily on iOS and Android mobiles. The call recorder feature is available for Android phones only. Besides that, it has features of smart dialer, app shortcuts, call blocker, GIF caller, and many more for iOS and Android mobiles. Your missed calls will also be managed by the app.

Alternative 6 – Calls Blackloist Pro

Calls Blacklist Pro has a calls and SMS blocking feature. So you can block unwanted numbers and SMS. It has the feature of blocking junk email messages Product merchandising calls can also be blocked by this app.

Alternative 7 – Showcaller

Showcaller is a call blocker app which identifies the number and region of the callers. The features included in this app are spam avoiding, call avoidance from scam callers, robocall avoiding, and eliminating telemarketing calls. The app also has a unique feature of working in offline mode. It can record calls automatically with HD quality

Alternative 8 – Eyecon

Eyecon app not only blocks spam calls but it also shows the location of the caller. The app also has the feature of syncing with different social media websites and creating a photo-based address book and dialer.

Alternative 9 – Call App

Call App is an award-winning app and is being used by more than 60 million users. The app blocks unknown calls, spam calls and messages, and unwanted calls. The app can also customize ringtones for different users. Your calls will be recorded automatically.

Alternative 10 – Call Blocker

The Call Blocker app will help you to block unwanted numbers. You can block the numbers from telemarketers, spammers, and robocalls. The app also comes with the blacklist feature to block calls and numbers. You will get notifications of missed calls and calls from a blacklisted caller.


Truecaller is a perfect app for blocking spam calls, SMS, and also getting the identity of the caller. The app drains the battery and also slows down the device. The alternatives have the same features as Truecaller. You can use any of them to live in peace.

Updated on: 16-Mar-2023

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