ThopTV Alternatives

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is an Indian app where you will be able to stream your favorite TV channels from more than 300 available. The app provides HD streaming free of cost. The app has Hindi channels along with many others that are popular worldwide. You will be able to watch videos, series, shows, movies, and other things.

Why there is a need for ThopTV alternatives?

ThopTV has become very popular and free of cost. Many users started using the app and enjoyed entertainment. Later, the app started facing problems due to regular server crashes alternatives for the app are needed. There are many alternatives present for this app which users can use for entertainment.

How to choose a ThopTV Alternatives?

Number of channels

Check the number of channels available in the alternative. ThopTV has more than 3000 TV and 5000 radio channels.


Advertisements are disturbing elements while watching a show or a movie. Check the number of advertisements provided by the alternative.


ThopTV is available for free of cost. Check whether the alternative is free or you have to pay something to watch the channels.


Subtitles are available for people who are unable to understand a particular language. You need to check whether the alternative you choose provides this facility.

Support casting

Casting helps to connect the mobile app to the SmartTV and watch the favorite channels. You need to check whether the alternative has this feature.

Top 10 ThopTV Alternatives

There are many alternatives available for the ThopTV app and we will discuss some of them here in detail.

Alternative 1 - Hotstar MOD APK

Hotstar MOD APK is a popular app in which you can find many popular Indian TV shows and sports. The population in India enjoys streaming through this app as it provides national and foreign content.

Features of Hotstar MOD APK

Some of the features of the app are as follows

  • Live sports

  • Latest American movies

  • Free of ads

  • Disney and children content

  • Start TV content

Though Hotstar charges some fee for subscription but still you can download it free of cost and watch thousands of channels and videos.

Alternative 2 -OreoTV

OreoTV is a live app which you can use to watch videos on your mobile, desktop, or smartTV. You can watch your favorite content like movies, sports, TV shows, series, etc. You can download the app from your computer and enjoy live streaming. The quality of the content is Full HD 1080p, 2K, and 4K.

Features of the OreoTV app

Some features of the app are as follows −

  • Pure sound without any subscription

  • Picture mode and Dark mode features

  • Add your shows to the favorite list

  • The size of the app is only 9MB

  • All new releases with subtitles are added along with subtitles

  • Theater mode available for streaming

  • Menu consists of different options like−

    • Brightness control

    • Volume

    • Play

    • Pause

    • Backward

    • Forward

Alternative 3 - Pikashow APK

If you are a sports enthusiast, this channel is for you. The app consists of thousands of TV channels, IPL 2023 matches, series, movies, and radio programs. You will be able to follow the scores of Live IPL matches. New movies are available from Bollywood and Hollywood in its movie library.

Features of the Pikashow App

Some of the features of the app are listed below −

  • PP Mode

  • HD quality movies

  • Cast screen options

Alternative 4 - Mobdro App

Mobdro app is available for free of cost. You will be able to watch all the TV shows., movies, sports, etc. The interface of the app is user-friendly and streaming is also available for free of cost.

Features of the Mobdro App

The features of the Mobdro app are listed below −

  • APK version does not have ads

  • Chromecast extension available

  • Sleep timer can be set

  • 200+ channels

  • 24/7 support

  • More than 200 channels are available for free

  • The devices that it supports are −

    • Kodi

    • Android

    • Windows

    • Macintosh

    • Chromecast

    • iOS

Alternative 5 - TeaTV

TeaTV is considered as one of the best alternatives for ThopTV as the user interface of both apps is similar. You will be able to watch shows and movies free of cost in HD quality. You can watch live shows or download them to enjoy later. You will also be able to access the trailers of latest movies and shows along with their reviews.

Features of TeaTV

  • Multiple streaming sources like Google, Open Load, and Vidzi

  • TV shows of different categories like drama, thriller, crime, adventure, horror, animation, etc.

  • Ads removed

  • No forced update

  • Disabled analytics

Alternative 6 - HDStreamz APK

If you are a lover of movies, TV shows, web series, IPL, sports, etc., you can download the HDStreamz APK. You just need to download the app and watch your favorite content. The app can be installed only on Android devices. The app has more than 1000 live TV channels. Along with it the app also includes many radio channels from all over the world. Everything is available for free of cost. The app is user-friendly and allows you to watch TV channels from more than 19 countries.

Features of the HDStreamz app

Some of the features of the app are as follows −

  • 1000 Live TV channels

  • Thousands of movies

  • Free of cost

  • Sports section to enjoy IPL and other sports

Alternative 7 - HuluTV

HuluTV is another popular app and an alternative to ThopTV. You will be able to watch cable TV on your smartphone. The content available on this app includes the following −

  • Cable TV channels

  • TV series

  • Movies

  • Live TV

Features of the Hulu TV app

The features of the HuluTV app are as follows −

  • Your progress of TV series or movies will be saved automatically

  • Games

  • Simple user interface

  • Sony and Fox channels are available

  • Free trial for one month

Alternative 8 - Cinema HD V2

Cinema HD V2 is an Android app where you can watch popular movies and TV shows. The app was launched by the name of Teratium and later it was named as Cinema HD. You can find the latest shows and movies on this app.

Features of Cinema HD V2

The Cinema HD V2 app has the following features −

  • Lots of movies and TV channels are available

  • Free of cost

  • User-friendly interface

  • Extensive streaming choices

Alternative 9 - MX Player

MX Player consists of all the basic features of ThopTV. There are many shows available on the app which can be streamed for free. Trending music, short films, videos, and web series are available on this app. Previously, the app was a video player but Times network acquired it and it was revamped overall.

Features of MX Player

Some of the features of the app are as follows −

  • More than 20 shows

  • Thousands of free movies and TV shows

  • Content available in Hindi, English, Marathi, and other languages

Alternative 10 - GoMax Live TV

GpMax Live TV includes different types of Indian content and can be accessed globally. Serials, TV shows, news, events, music channels are available in this app. The content is available in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bangla.

Features of GoMax Live TV

The GoMax Live TV has many features which are listed below −

  • Free of cost

  • Accessible from anywhere

  • User-friendly interface

  • No buffering

  • Supports multiple video players


ThopTV has many features but as the channel is closed now, there are many alternatives that you can use to watch movies, shows, series, and other content free of cost. You just need to install the apps on your Android mobiles and can connect to the SmartTV to watch your favorite content.

Updated on: 10-Mar-2023

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