PDFsam Alternatives

What is PDFsam?

PDFsam is an app which can be used to split, merge, rotate, mix, and extract pages available in PDF files. There is no need to upload the files to a third-party service. The app is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Cost of PDFsam

PDFsam Basic is an open-source program that is available for free to use. The costs of other versions are as follows −

  • $69 per year/per user for the Standard Edition

  • $89 for the Pro Edition

  • $129 for the Pro + OCR Edition

Why PDFsam alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of using PDFsam which are as follows −

  • Java is required to run the app

  • PDF editing and conversion features are not available in the basic version

  • A popup window disturbs in the basic version to upgrade to premium

  • PDFsam enhanced version not available for Mac

  • It takes a long time to process a task

How to choose a PDFsam Alternative?

PDFsam comes with many advantages which should also be available in the alternative of your choice. These benefits are listed below −

  • The user interface consists of different tools

  • Compatible with different platforms

  • Batch and partial processing are supported

  • Load files through drag and drop

Top 10 PDFsam Alternatives

There are many alternatives to PDFsam are available and we will discuss some of them in detail.

Alternative 1 – UPDF

UPDF is a PDF editor in which all the features of the premium version of PDFsam are available. You can read and edit PDF documents and images. The app can also be used to organize PDF pages and add notes.


  • Multiple markup tools are available to add notes, text boxes, ad other tools

  • Text in PDF documents can be changed easily

  • Images can be replaced, cropped, edited, and rotated

  • PDF documents can be converted to other formats

Alternative 2 – SodaPDF

SodaPDF comes with a variety of features and benefits. You can use the tool to edit, and share PDF files. The tool also has an OCR tool. You can use this feature to convert scanned documents into PDFs. SodaPDF is a paid app but a trial version is also available which you can check whether the app is beneficial or not


  • Edit and share PDF documents

  • Use OCR tool to convert scanned documents into PDF

  • Trial version of the app is available

Alternative 3 – SwiftdooPDF

Swiftdoo PDF is an easy-to-use app which comes with rich features. The app has basic and premium versions and you can add, delete, and replace the pages in a PDF file. Multiple PDFs can be merged easily by following a few steps. The program is light in weight and has a user-friendly interface.


  • Many features are available in the free version

  • Light in weight

  • Fast and secure

  • Excellent customer support

Alternative 4 – PDF Studio Pro

PDF Studio Pro is a PDF editor which consists of many features to be applied on PDF files. You can prepare business documents and other things through this app. The app is compatible with Linux and Windows. This app is the only one to edit PDF files on Linux. This is a paid app and is available at a reasonable price.


  • Interactive form designer

  • Compare and optimize PDFs

  • All professional features are available

  • User interface is easy to use

  • Sign the ODFs digitally

Alternative 5 – PDFelement

PDFelement comes with a lot of features. You can use the app to edit PDF documents. Form-filling can also be done through this app. A built-in OCR tool is also available with the app. This will help you to convert the scanned documents into PDFs. It is a paid app but a trial version is also available.


  • PDF documents can be edited

  • OCR tool available to convert scanned documents to PDF

  • Trial version is available

Alternative 6 – PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is an annotator, creator, and organizer app which can be used to modify PDF files. The app can be used to add or delete pages. The feature of PDF rotation can be used for free of charge. The free version has a lot of features which can be understood easily. The app can be easily installed on the Windows operating system.


  • Many free tools are available

  • Yearly subscription is $56

  • Files can be processed at a fast speed

Alternative 7 – CutePDF

CutePDF is a cloud-based app which can be used to edit PDF files. The app consists of all the features available in the premium versions of other editors. CutePDF is a paid app but people like it because of its features.


  • Content of a PDF file can be changed easily

  • Many PDF files and forms can be merged in a single file

  • Use the typewriter tool to type the text anywhere

Alternative 8 – Sejda

Sejda is a free app and an excellent alternative to PDFsam. The app has a lot of features like editing PDF files, annotation, conversion, etc. An OCR tool is also inbuilt which can be used for the conversion of scanned documents into PDF.


  • Free to use

  • OCR tool available

  • Convert and annotate PDF files

Alternative 9 – 7-PDF Split & Merge

7-PDF Split & Merge is an app which has some of the features to be used for free. These features are also available in the free version of PDFsam. PDF files can be merged, split, and rotated easily. Multiple PDFs can be batch processed.


  • The app does its tasks at a fast pace

  • Supports multiple languages like French, German, English, etc.

  • Can be used through a USB stick

Alternative 10 – Icecream PDF Editor

Icecream PDF Editor is a lightweight app which can be used to perform different tasks on PDF documents. The core features of this app are Editing, managing, and annotating the PDF documents. You can protect your documents and can also add comments.


  • PDF documents can be edited easily

  • PDF pages can be combined and reordered

  • PDF documents can be created from scratch

  • PDF files can be protected through passwords


PDFsam is an app which can be used for editing and modifying PDF documents. Editing feature is not available in the basic version. The cost of the app is also very high so alternatives are needed whose cost is less than PDFsam and they have a lot of features.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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