WhatsApp Alternatives

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free messenger which can be downloaded on smartphones Many people use WhatsApp to send text messages, videos, audio, important documents, and many others. WhatsApp can also be used on PCs and laptops through WhatsApp web. Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp and currently, there are more than 1 billion users of this app.

Cost of WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be used free of cost. But charges are applied for a business account. The charges depend on who initiated the message. No charges are incurred if a customer starts messaging. But if the messaging is started by a business, they are charged once per 24-hour session. No charges will be done for the first 1,000 messages.

Why WhatsApp Alternatives?

Though WhatsApp is a popular app and millions of users are using it, there are some disadvantages which are listed below −

  • False information can be easily circulated

  • No remote logout if the phone is lost

  • No privacy

  • Storage consumption

  • Works only if users have phone numbers

How to choose a WhatsApp Alternative?

If you want to choose a WhatsApp alternative, you need to know about the features of WhatsApp which should be available in the competitors. Some of these features are as follows −

  • The app can be used for free

  • Easy video call to national and international users

  • Pics, videos and documents can be shared easily

  • Make groups

Top 10 WhatsApp Alternatives

WhatsApp has many alternatives and if you are looking for one, you can check this article.

Alternative 1 – Signal

Signal is considered as one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. The app comes with security features which will help you to maintain your privacy. The app provides end-to-end encryption same as WhatsApp but there is no involvement of Meta. Signal does not have a backup option but an export function is available which can help in taking a manual backup.


  • Send messages with end-to-end encryption

  • Free to use

  • Send text messages

  • Conduct group calls and video calls


  • Messages can be self-destructed

  • Texts and calls can be encrypted

  • No metadata is stored


  • Backup option is not available

  • A phone number is required for registration

Alternative 2 – Threema

Threema is an alternative to WhatsApp that has the ability of providing complete privacy. Your contacts and group information are stored on your smartphone and not on the app. After the delivery of messages, they are deleted automatically. You can connect to the people with the help of a Threema ID of 8 digits. Contacts can be verified with the help of QR codes. Status messages, voice calls, and text messages are encrypted.


  • Use QR code for verifying contacts

  • All messages are encrypted

  • Status messages are also encrypted


  • No phone number is needed for registration

  • Text formatting features are available

  • Chats can be protected through passwords


  • The app is not free to use

Alternative 3 – Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based app which users can use to store images. You will also be able to access your messages on different types of devices. File sharing is limitless and you can share any number and any size of file. Telegram provides two different types of encryption to secure users' data. Server-client encryption is available for users to send and receive messages. End-to-end encryption is also available. Messages cannot be copied or forwarded.


  • Two types of encryption

  • Cloud-based service

  • Any number of files can be shared


  • Open source

  • Cloud-based access

  • Self-destructing messages


  • Meta data is stored

  • Data protection affected by cloud

Alternative 4 – iMessage

iMessage has only been developed for iOS users. This is a default alternative to WhatsApp for iOS users. In the case of a poor internet connection, the app sends messages through SMS. The user interface of the app has been improved and it is rich in features, Integration of the app with Apple Memoji will let you create custom looks and filters.


  • Easy communication

  • Integration with Apple Memoji

  • Messages are sent through SMS in the care of poor internet connection


  • End-to-end encryption

  • Separate onboarding process is not required


  • Only for iOS users

  • Confusing threaded replies

Alternative 5 – Element

Element is an app that provides cross-signed device verification. This verification will protect users’ data from unauthorized access. You can make video calls, voice calls, and send text and voice messages through this app. The app also has the feature of backup.


  • All messaging needs are fulfilled

  • Messages are secured

  • Secure backup


  • Can be used easily

  • Open source

  • Data is secured


  • Has some bugs

Alternative 6 – Wire

Wire is a secure messaging app and is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. The app is compatible with all the major platforms. The app is free to use for personal accounts and business accounts can be used through paid plans. Text can be easily formatted and size of files can be easily optimized


  • Compatibility with different platforms

  • Multimedia files can be easily shared

  • Text formatting feature


  • Chats are secured

  • You use 8 devices simultaneously

  • Timed messages


  • You need to make some payment to use the app

Alternative 7 – Viber

Viber is an app which can be used for personal and business purposes. Voice calls, video calls, and emoji are some of the best features of the app. You can have a group chat with 250 people. Self-destruction of messages is another feature of the app. The app is not free from ads but you do not have to pay anything for sending messages or conducting calls.


  • Text messages are secured

  • Messages can be self-destructed

  • Free to use


  • Group chat can be done with 250 people

  • Viber games and emoji are available

  • End-to-end encryption


  • The app includes ads

  • Free phone calls can be made with Viber users only

Alternative 8 – Google Chat

Google Chat can integrate with all the contacts of Gmail. The app can easily work on iOS and Android devices. The app is a boon for small businesses and organizations. Google Chat can be used to share different types of files. I can also sync easily with Google Drive. The user interface of the app is simple and easy to use.


  • Integration with Gmail account

  • File transfer is easy

  • Sync with Google Drive


  • User interface is simple to use

  • Easy syncing with Gmail and Google Drive


  • Google Chat is a paid service

Alternative 9 – Discord

Discord is a chatting platform which can also be used for making video and voice calls. The main feature that is available in this app is that you can share your screen with other users. This feature is not available in WhatsApp. It can be integrated with YouTube, twitch, Steam, Spotify, and other apps. A group of ten members can be easily formed. If you need to add more members in a group, you can make your own server.


  • Screen sharing

  • Group with ten participants

  • Share files and make video calls


  • Videos can be streamed to contacts

  • Free version has basic features


  • Backup option is not available

  • Not easy to use

Alternative 10 – Ginlo

Ginlo is a messenger app that helps users to send encrypted messages. File sharing feature is also available. The app can be used for free and you will not be disturbed by ads. Users can use QR code to increase the protection of their data. Another special feature of the app is self-destructing messages. Timed messaging feature is also available.


  • Self-destructing messages

  • Easy to share files

  • QR code to increase protection


  • Secure app

  • Business account can be created

  • Scheduled messaging can be done


  • No phone calls can be made

  • Registration can be done through phone number


WhatsApp is a popular application which can be used by Android users. The app can be used for free and users can share files, pictures, videos and other content. There are some advantages like privacy issues, storage consumption etc. which led people to look for alternatives. There are many free and paid alternatives to WhatsApp that come with many Features.

Updated on: 11-Apr-2023


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