GetIntoPC Alternatives

What is GetIntoPC?

GetIntoPC is an app downloader website which can be used to install different kinds of files. The user interface of the website is easy to use. There is a search bar which you can use to search for your desired files and apps. You can download the files on your computer or handheld devices. You just need to search a file and click “get it now” and the file be downloaded.

Cost of GetIntoPC

GetIntoPC is free to use. You just need to navigate to the website and search for the desired content to be downloaded for free.

Why GetIntoPC Alternatives?

The reasons to look for alternatives to GetIntoPC are as follows −

  • It is difficult to work with some decrypted files

  • Some apps cannot be downloaded for free

  • The website does not have all the apps and software

  • Viruses and malware can be downloaded on your PC

How to choose a GetIntoPC Alternative?

GetIntoPC has many features and you need to check the in an alternative before using them. Some of these features are as follows −

  • All cracked versions of software can be found

  • Files can be downloaded free of cost

  • All the software available on this website have premium features

  • Applications are downloaded at a fast speed.

Top 10 GetIntoPC Alternatives

Let us look at some of the alternatives to GetIntoPC.

Alternative 1 – Softonic

Softonic is a platform where different types of apps can be found. These programs can be downloaded for free. The platform has different categories which include the following

  • Games

  • Browsers

  • Productivity programs

  • Multimedia

  • Lifestyle

There are many other categories also. Besides Windows, you can also download apps for Android devices. You can also get the ratings of the apps before downloading them You will also get the option of rating the app after download


  • Download programs for free

  • The platform is divided into different categories

  • Download apps for Windows and Android devices

  • Give ratings for the downloaded apps

Alternative 2 – PC Wonderland

PC Wonderland is a platform where you can find many desktop apps and programs. The apps are available in the form links which you have to click to download them. The apps are divided into different categories so browsing the desired one is easy. Cracked copies of the original apps can be found on this platform


  • Full-featured desktops apps

  • Categories of apps are available for easy browsing

  • Antivirus protection available for free

  • Cracked copies of original software are available

Alternative 3 – Filehippo

Filehippo is a platform which can be used to download cracked versions of the original software. You can find different sections of software applications and browse the category for which an application is needed to be downloaded. No registration is needed to use the website. The website will also monitor your system to check for outdated version of any software and will provide links to download the latest version.


  • No registration is required to download apps

  • PC is scanned for outdated software

  • Links are provided for latest versions of outdated software

  • The website is free from viruses and malware

Alternative 4 – Download Crew

Download Crew is an alternative to GetIntoPC where you can find different applications to be downloaded for different platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. The user interface is clean and simple and users can easily download the desired software. A wide range of applications are available on the website. You will also find multimedia, security, and utility tools on the website. A detailed description of each application can be found which will help you to take decisions before starting a download.


  • Interface is simple and clean

  • Finding a desired application is easy

  • Multimedia, utility products, and security tools are also available

  • The website has more than 100,000 apps

  • The apps can be downloaded on different operating systems

Alternative 5 – Soft Famous

Soft Famous is a website where you can find almost any kind of application. The site owners regularly update the latest versions of applications. A review for each app is also available in which a description of the app and its way of usage is available. You will also have the option of rating the apps which is not available on GetIntoPC.


  • Download, apps, games, and other categories of software

  • Get ratings and reviews of each app

  • Get a list of similar programs for the chosen app

Alternative 6 – Filehorse

Filehorse is a popular website where you can find free downloads for different kinds of software applications. Filehorse is available for free and you can get the applications for different operating systems. Links for different apps are available and you need to click them to download the applications


  • Graphic designing, operating systems, CAD, and many other types of apps are available

  • Download any app for free

  • Find applications for different operating systems

Alternative 7 – Crackingpatching

Crackingpatching is considered as an excellent alternative to GetIntoPC. The platform has many applications which can be downloaded for free of cost. No registration is required to download any app. You will also get a list of other applications for the app that you have chosen to download.


  • Has many applications to download

  • No charge to download the applications

  • Get a list of other applications for the chosen app

Alternative 8 – MajorGeeks

MajorGeeks is a platform where you can find different types of applications to be downloaded on Windows systems. You can download applications for free. You can find different types of applications like security, productivity, utility, etc. All the apps are updated regularly so that you get the latest version to download. Users are also allowed to read reviews and also give their personal feedback related to different apps they are using.


  • Download application without paying any charge

  • All the applications are updated regularly

  • Reviews for each application are available

  • You can also give feedback about any application you have used

Alternative 9 – FileCR

FileCR is a platform which will help you to download applications for different platforms like Mac, Android, and Windows. The site provides applications of different categories so that you can browse the desired application easily.


  • Different kinds of apps are available

  • Apps are available for different operating systems

  • Apps are divided into categories for easy browsing

Alternative 10 – Softpedia

Softpedia has a huge library of applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The apps can be downloaded for free and you will always get the latest versions of the apps. Software reviews and ratings will be available. Users forum is available which can be used to post the feedback of an app. The website is a free and secure source so there should be no worries of any virus or malware while downloading.


  • A free source to download apps

  • Apps available for different operating systems

  • User forums and software updates available


GetIntoPC is a website which can be used to download different types of apps. The website is illegal to use and there are some disadvantages due to which users look for alternatives. There are many free alternatives available which have a huge library of applications to download. Crackled software applications are available which can be downloaded for free.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023

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