Omegle Alternatives

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a website which can help you to meet new friends When you use the website, you will be connected randomly to another person for a one-to-one talk. You can add your interests on the website and connection will be made accordingly. You can chat anonymously and later tell about yourself though it is not recommended.

Cost of Omegle

Omegle is free to use. You need not have to pay any money for subscription.

Why Omegle Alternatives?

There are many disadvantages of the website and the important ones are listed here −

  • The website does not work everywhere

  • Random selection of candidates is another disadvantage

  • It is not good to talk with people of some countries as there can be language problems

How to choose an Omegle Alternative?

Omegle has many features which should be present in the alternative of your choice. Some of these features can be found here −

  • Companions for you will be chosen randomly

  • The website can be used without paying any fee

  • No registration is required to use the website

Top 10 Omegle Alternatives

Omegle is a great website to connect with people all over the world. If you are not happy with the features or you are facing other issues, you can look for alternatives to the website. Here we will discuss Omegle alternatives in detail.

Alternative 1 – ChatHub

ChatHub is a video chatting website and there is no requirement of creating an account. The website can be used to chat with people randomly. The connection is made on the basis of language that both parties speak. There are two chat rooms, one for general and the other for specific conversations. You will also have the option of choosing the gender. Different types of video and audio filters are also available.


  • Chat with the person having same or different gender

  • Two chat rooms

  • Different filters for audio and video


  • Connect with people randomly on language basis

  • Small displays on smartphones

  • Separate chat windows


  • Mobile app is not available

Alternative 2 – Coomeet

Coomeet is a platform which has been developed for women to meet each other. The website makes sure that most of the time, women are available. Female users have to register themselves by filling out a form to become a member and start chatting. No bots or fake chat is allowed on the website. This will help the users to meet genuine people.


  • The website has been made only for women

  • No bot or fake chat is allowed

  • Users have to register themselves to use the website


  • HD video call feature is available

  • Main user interface is modern comparatively


  • App not available for iOS devices

Alternative 3 – OmeTV

OmeTV is a website which helps you to find a person for chatting immediately. The website is available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. This platform compatibility will help you to chat with anybody and anywhere. The website also lets you know the number of active users. You will also have the option of filtering the users on the basis of gender, location, country, language, etc.


  • Chat anytime and anywhere

  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android

  • Know the number of active users


  • The website is available for free

  • No ads will distract you

  • Chats which are harassing or abusive are blocked automatically


  • Cannot hide your face on camera

Alternative 4 – Chatroulette

Chatroulette is based on webcam and can be used for chatting. Random people can navigate to the platform to have chat with other individuals. The website does not have any ads but has become popular among many users. As per an estimate, half of the users of the website are under the age of 30. Mostly women are using the app for chatting.


  • Chat with any individual anonymously

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

  • Millions of users are members of the site


  • Interface is friendly to the beginners

  • No ads

  • Chat can be done through audio or video


  • Does not have app

  • Registration is needed to chat with other individuals

Alternative 5 – Camsurf

Camsurf is a platform for video chat. Users of the platform can connect with people globally. Camsurf comes with many features to help users to chat smoothly. Users can create a customized profile and add friends. They can also become a member of group chat. Safety features are also available like blocking users and report abuse.


  • No spam

  • Report abuse

  • Block users


  • The platform is available for free

  • Registration is not required to chat

  • A variety of features to chat smoothly


  • Depends upon advertising

  • Location filter is not available

Alternative 6 – Bazoocam

Bazoocam is a website where users can not only chat but also enjoy multiplayer games. The platform has a feature of matching nearby strangers through geolocation. You need to check a checkbox before entering a room to use the geolocation feature. Skip conversations by clicking the Next button.


  • Meet new people

  • Play multiplayer games

  • Skip chat to start conversation with other users


  • More than 40 people are moderators

  • Match with nearby strangers

  • Play multiplayer games


  • No mobile app

  • User interface is not attractive

Alternative 7 – Shagle

Shagle is a chat platform whose user interface is very attractive. You have the option of not using the camera for your privacy. You can also send virtual gifts to your chat mate. Registration is not required to chat with any user. Images, audio, and video can be shared through the platform. If you want to search for a user on the basis of gender or if you want to track your chat, registration is required.


  • Track your chat conversation after registration

  • Camera usage is optional

  • No need to register for normal chatting


  • Attractive design

  • Send and receive virtual gifts

  • Share different kinds of media


  • Block function is limited

Alternative 8 – ChatRandom

ChatRandom is a platform which can be used easily for video chatting. You have to select your gender and then verify that your age is 18 and above. After that, the platform will display thousands of users and will connect you with one of them. You have the option to filter the country so that you can talk with people of a specific country.


  • Record a video call

  • No need to register

  • Select your gender and age to communicate with a user


  • The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices

  • Filter users according to gender

  • Supports 20 languages


  • Report abuse feature is limited

Alternative 9 – YouNow

YouNow is a website which can be used for live streaming, and broadcasting many users. The aim of making the website is to attract more users to make a community. The users in this community can be connected through other social media platforms. The website requires registration before start chatting with a stranger. The registration process can be done through Twitter or Facebook.


  • Integration with social media platforms

  • Android, iOS and web versions are available

  • Send and receive virtual gifts


  • Make a lot of fans and friends

  • App is available for Android and iOS users


  • Registration is required for chatting

  • User interface is not easy to use

Alternative 10 – EmeraldChat

EmeraldChat is another alternative to Omegle where people can chat with other users in a secure environment. There is no need to create an account to chat with other users. The platform has a number of features which cannot be found on Omegle. You can filter the users on the basis of different criteria like location, gender, and age. You can also get inappropriate content as number of moderators is less.


  • No registration required

  • Filter users on the basis of age, gender, location

  • Chat in a secure environment


  • Virtual gifts can be exchanged

  • Free to use

  • Share images, videos, and other content


  • Less moderation in comparison to Omegle

  • May have bad content

  • Report abuse feature is not appropriate


Omegle is a video chatting website which users can use to chat with strangers. The website is a good option to connect with people of different countries. There are a few disadvantages also. The website is not available in some countries. People are unable to chat with others because of language problems. There are many alternatives to Omegle that offer more features. People can filter the users as per gender, age, and location. Some apps also provide live streaming.

Updated on: 11-Apr-2023


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