Shein Alternatives

What is Shein?

Shein is a shopping app where people can purchase fashion accessories like clothes for men, women, and children, shoes, and other accessories. You can get the latest trending clothes through the store. Shein is an international brand which is available in the USA, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. The business is expanding and now the store is functioning in more than 200 countries. Shein provides fashion accessories at affordable prices and this attracted many users.

Cost of Shein

Shein app is available for free and you just need to download the app and start shopping after registration.

Why Shein Alternatives?

Though Shein provides clothes and fashion accessories at affordable prices, there are some disadvantages listed below −

  • Shipping costs are high

  • Shipment time can be about two weeks

  • Quality may or may not be good

  • Issues in customer service

How to choose a Shein Alternative?

Before looking for an alternative, check the features below −

  • Shein has a huge inventory so selection is easy

  • Fast service

  • Clothes available at affordable prices

  • Free shipping if the expenditure is more than $49

Top 10 Shein Alternatives

There are many alternatives to the Shein app and we will discuss some of them here.

Alternative 1 – Myntra

Myntra has a wide range of products from more than 2,500 brands. The products available here can be bought by all kinds of buyers. Myntra provides different kinds of discounts and prices for the products. The clothes of different sizes and colors are available here. You can also use Myntra coupon codes to buy products with high discounts.

  • App is free to use

  • The program is compatible with Android and iOS platforms

  • Get coupon codes for heavy discounts

  • Products available for all kinds of buyers

Alternative 2 – H & M

H & M is an online store and you need to install the app on your Android or iOS mobiles to use its services. You need to choose your location after installation. You can purchase clothes for girls, women, kids, etc. There is a New Arrival section in the app where you will find only new and latest products. Products can be found with the help of images or bar codes. You can also look at the dress when it is worn. Many brick-and-mortar stores of H & M are available all over the world.


  • App is available for Android and iOS users

  • The physical stores are available in many countries

  • Find products for kids, women, and girls

Alternative 3 – Just Fashion Now

Just Fashion Now is an online store where you can find a wide range of fashion accessories, clothes, footwear for kids, males, and females. The clothes provided by the store are inexpensive and the quality is similar to that of Amazon and Shein. The clothing includes different types of tops, bottoms, outerwear. Accessories include bags scarves, and jewelry.


  • A wide range of clothing and fashion accessories are available

  • Clothes are available at affordable prices

  • The store has dresses of the latest fashion

  • Young women are the main customers

Alternative 4 – Pantaloons

Pantaloons is an online store where you can find the best fashion trends at cheap prices. You can get the clothes and accessories from all the popular brands. You can find a wide variety of sports, western, ethnic, formal, casual, party wear, and other types of clothes for children, men, and women. Accessories are also available of different kinds.


  • A wide range of clothes are available for everybody

  • Clothes and accessories of popular brands are available

  • The products are available at affordable prices

Alternative 5 – Romwe

Romwe is popular for providing different types of women's dresses. You can find the latest pieces of clothes at affordable prices. The online store is providing its services for years. The store adds 200 new products daily. Romwe is a great competitor of Shein in the case of women's clothes and accessories. You can get products from many popular brands.


  • Wide variety of clothes for women

  • 200 new products added daily

  • Clothes are available from popular brands

Alternative 6 – Koovs

Koovs is an alternative to Shein and provides Western clothes. Koovs provides latest clothes for men, women, and children. Koovs provides latest clothes from different brands. If you want to purchase Western clothes at affordable, Koovs is the best option for you.


  • Latest clothes from different brands

  • Best store for Western clothes

  • Products available for men, women, and children

Alternative 7 – Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop is considered as a top substitute for Shein. You can get beautiful clothes, luxurious watches, and cosmetics from the store. The interface of the app is clear and simple to use. You can find different types of filters like discounts, prices, sizes, colors, and many more. The app also has a feature of style suggestion which is not available in Shein.


  • The app can be installed on Android and iOS mobiles

  • Get latest clothes from different brands for men, women, and children

  • Style suggestions feature will help you get the style of clothes that you prefer

  • A wish list can be created to ad favorite clothes

Alternative 8 – Zara

Zara is a retailer from Spain where you can find items through photos and barcodes. There is a barcode and picture scanner in the app. Users can also find whether the product they have chosen is available for purchase. Products available in the app are expensive but still you can purchase them because of their quality. Heavy discounts are also not available.


  • Android and iOS users can install this app

  • Clothes can be searched through barcodes and photos

  • Check whether a selected product is available

Alternative 9 – StyleWe

StyleWe is an online store where you can find a large collection of clothes available at affordable prices. The price of clothes starts from $15 and can go up to around $30. You can find clothes for different purposes like party, office, wedding, etc. Activewear, and swimwear are also available along with different kinds of accessories.


  • Get clothes and accessories at affordable prices

  • The store has a large collection of clothes and accessories

  • Activewear and swimwear are also available

Alternative 10 – Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular apps where you can choose clothes from a wide variety of collections. Different varieties of fashionable items are available in this store. Clothes, footwear, accessories, etc. for men and women are available at affordable prices. Availability of clothes can be checked through a barcode scanner. You can also create a wish list of the items you want to buy.


  • Create a wish list of items you want to purchase

  • Know the availability of items through the barcode scanner

  • A variety of clothes available for men and women


Shein is a popular online store where you can find a wide variety of clothes. Shipment cost is high and it can take about two weeks to receive the ordered products. Customer services also have issues due to which alternatives are necessary. The alternatives come with different features like discounts, affordable prices, barcode scanners, and many others.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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