Canva Alternatives

What is Canva?

Canva is a design tool which can be used for making different types of projects. This tool can let the students know about the basics of design. The app is available for free and comes with many features like photo editing, layout design. The app can also be used by teachers to create posters and different types of education materials.

Cost of Canva

There are three versions of Canva and the price of each one in Indian rupees can be found in the table below −


Price in Indian Rupees







Why Canva Alternatives?

Canva is a useful tool but it also has some disadvantages which are as follows −

  • Number of templates is very low

  • Aligning elements is difficult

  • RAW files cannot be downloaded on a computer

  • Limited free version

  • One design cannot be moved to another

How to choose a Canva Alternative?

Canva can be used to make various types of designs. The app has different types of features If you are looking for an alternative, the following features should be included −

  • Templates and fonts

  • User-friendly interface

  • Transparency tools

  • Adding frames to images

  • Make a choice from hundreds of icons and elements

Top 10 Canva Alternatives

Canva has hundreds of alternatives and we will discuss the top 10 substitutes in this article.

Alternative 1 – Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark comes with different features as it belongs to Adobe Suite. The app is free to use and it is considered as the best alternative to Canva. Paid plans are also available and they are cheaper in comparison to Canva. The free version consists of thousands of images and icons.


  • A good library of templates

  • Branding feature which also includes color scheme, logo design, etc.

  • Send your designs through sharing tools

  • Integration with Google Drive

Alternative 2 – Mega Creator

Mega Creator is ab app that consists of more than 100,000 cutouts from photos. Besides this, it also has more than 1,500 photographic backgrounds. The backgrounds match with each other so it is easy to create images by combining them.


  • Graphics assets are inbuilt

  • More than 300 social media graphic templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Alternative 3 – Pixelied

Pixelied is an app that provides different types of templates which include theme colors, fonts, and patterns useful for making images and designs. The tool is easy to use because of its features. The free version is limited but a good option to start designing. Pixelied Pro will provide limitless features like background remover, an unlimited number of templates, and many others.


  • Unlimited number of readymade templates

  • Access an unlimited number of stock photos

  • Text manipulation, filters, and face blur features are available

  • Background can be removed with a single click

Alternative 4 – Simplified

Simplified is a perfect choice as an alternative to Canva. People who do not have any design experience can also use the tool easily. The tool consists of premium templates to make designs. You will also have the option of designing your own template from scratch. You can also make animation and remove the background from the image.


  • Free stock photos are available in millions

  • Background can be easily removed

  • A lot of templates

  • Free premium templates

  • One-click animations

Alternative 5 – Visme

Visme is an app having the price a little more than Canva. Visme can be used to make complex infographics and marketing documents. Collaboration tools in the app help to work easily with the team. Charts and widgets can be easily generated. the tool is very useful for social media marketers.


  • Some plans have privacy controls

  • A large library which includes images, audio, illustrations, videos, and many more

  • Collaboration tools to work with teams

  • Beautiful templates

Alternative 6 – Pixstudio

Pixstudio is a design tool which can be used to create stylish graphics. The tool consists of pre-made templates to make a perfect design. The categorized templates also help the users to design social media graphics.


  • Background can be easily removed

  • Create vector graphics by using Pixstudio library

Alternative 7 – Placeit

Placeit is a tool which can help you to grow your online business. The app consists of libraries of templates for content creation. The prices of these templates are very low. You can design logos, make videos, generate mockups, and do many things with the templates. You will also have the option of editing templates in the web browser.


  • Availability of thousands of free templates

  • Templates available for designing logo

  • Video templates can be edited easily

  • A single subscription is needed to access mockups

Alternative 8 – Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a free designing tool which helps in designing three types of content

  • Social media graphics

  • Web stories

  • Animated videos

the user interface of Adobe Express is easy to use. Social media graphics can be made in different sizes. The tool has a basic and a premium plan. the cost of the premium plan is $9.99


  • Design different types of graphics

  • Unlimited number of templates are available

  • Premium plan is affordable

Alternative 9 – Crello

Crello is an app which consists of a search bar to search for preset dimensions and templates. Crello has a free plan and users are allowed to download only 5 designs per month. Color palettes can be easily added to the design module along with many drag-and-drop options like text boxes,


  • The app provides more than 30,000 templates

  • Image cropping tool is available to cut images

  • Photo filters are available to change the look of the photo

Alternative 10 – Stencil

Stencil comes with a low number of pre-made template designs. The advantage of using the app is that it consists of millions of stock photos. The app also has many features like Google web fonts, graphics, icons, browser add-ons to name a few.


  • Millions of icons and photos available

  • Images can be resized instantly

  • Simple color Picker tool for saving colors


Canva is a simple app which can be used to make different types of designs. The tool does not have aligning elements. It also has very less number of tools. The alternatives to Canva have many templates. Some of them provide free templates while others provide them at an affordable cost.

Updated on: 11-Apr-2023


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