SAP PS - WBS Scheduling Parameters

In SAP Project system, you can schedule a project or part of the project with all the activities that are assigned to project. You can use WBS element basic dates as basic dates to schedule the activities.

When a network contains few activities that are not assigned to same WBS, they are treated as external networks in system in project scheduling.

Step 1 − To define parameters for WBS scheduling, you can use T-code: OPTQ or you can navigate to SPRO → IMG → Project System → Dates → Data Planning in WBS → Define Parameter for WBS Scheduling.


Step 2 − In the next screen, click New Entries.

OPTQ New Entries

Step 3 − In the next window, you have to enter the following field −

  • Scheduling Type − To define type of scheduling.

Possible options are as shown in the screenshot given below.


Step 4 − In the new screenshot, enter the following details as

  • Start in Past − Enter number of past days when scheduling starts in past.

  • Scheduling Method − Select the scheduling method.

  • Reduction − To enter reduction lead time and reduction type and

  • Other fields as per business requirement.

Scheduling Type

Step 5 − When you enter all the details, next is to save the configuration.