SAP PS - Project Information System

In SAP system, a Project Information System is used to monitor and control the project master data. It allows you to analyze each project, part of projects, or multiple projects.

Analyzing includes creating different overview reports and advance level reports with various degrees of detail. These reports meet the metrics required as part of project management data.

Key functions

The key functions are −

  • The data from Project Information System can be transferred to Business warehouse in SAP system.

  • A BW system in SAP gathers information from the various areas in your business and changes them to usable reports for Project Managers.

  • Using Project Information system, you can run standard reports in system or can create own reports to meet specific tasks and information.

  • These reports can be displayed directly and available in Project Information system or you can run them as background jobs.

  • Analyzing report includes considering various fields and functions of project.


You can send the reports via email, put them on shared drive or take a print out of the reports to distribute the hard copy.

You can use the report templates to provide different degree of details, summarize data and historical data with key values. Historical data includes information from the following processes −

  • Controlling
  • Project Progress
  • Project Resource
  • Material Requirement and planning

Types of Reports

You can use following type of reports using Project Information System.

Technical Reports

Project Information System in SAP PS allows you to manage and control your project technically.

This allows you to select all the objects or particular objects in the system- WBS, Networks, PS texts and material etc. to check their present status and their use in project network hierarchy. This allows you to see the status of project based on different objects.

Using Project Information System, you can monitor the data elated to current project as well as data in archive to see historical data and lesson learnt.

You can enter the values in filters to create structure list which can be used to view graphics or to move data to different project management tools.

Commercial Reports

You can view various commercial reports related to project progress in SAP PS system.

  • Cost Element Report to view cost and revenues to summarize line items.

  • To monitor full value flow in the project, you can use Cost/Revenue and Payment hierarchy reports. Payment hierarchy reports contains data related to drill down.

  • To display actual, plan, commitment, and budget values you can use Line Item Reports.

In the following table, you can see few cost element and hierarchical reports under Project Information System and their respective information.

Information Report Type
Debits and credits by object Cost Elements
Credit from settlement Cost Elements
Statistical key figures Cost Elements
Detailed actual, plan, and commitment values by object Cost Elements
Budgeting and cost planning Hierarchy Report
Incoming Orders Hierarchy Report
Open Orders Hierarchy Report

Resource Reports

Project Information System provides you various reports on resource utilization and capacity management.

  • Capacity Requirements
  • Capacity Load with Variable View
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capacity Load with Work Center View

To view these reports, SPRO → IMG → Project System → Information System → Resources


To access all the reports, you can scroll to Project System in SAP Easy access menu. Under Project System you have Information System.

To view these reports, go to SPRO → IMG → Project System → Information System

Information System

You can also access various inventory and material management reports in Project Information System.

  • Purchase orders
  • Outline agreements
  • Missing parts
  • Pegged requirements
  • Stock/Requirements list