SAP PS - Budget Management

Budget is defined as the approved cost for a project and it is different from the cost plan. The Budget is the approved cost from management for expected development of order cost for a given time period. Different budget types exist in a Project system.

Original Budget

In Project system, original budget is defined as the allocated cost assigned for a development order. You can update the budget using the budget update options.

Budget update is known as the unexpected events that occur. Current budget is calculated from the following factors −

  • Original Budget
  • Supplements (added)
  • Transfers (addition/subtraction)
  • Returns (Subtraction)

SAP PS – Budget Profile

You can define the budget profile for projects in SAP system.

To create a budget profile −

Step 1 − Use T-code: OPS9 or navigate to SPRO → IMG → Project System → Cost → Budget → Maintain budget profiles in SAP

Maintain Budget Profiles

Step 2 − A new screen Budget Profile for Projects overview will appear. Click New Entries.

Budget Profile

Step 3 − In the new window, enter the following details −

  • Profile − Enter the unique ID that identify the budget profile

  • Text − Enter the text description

  • Time Frame − Enter the number of years for budget. It has three options: Past, Future and Start

  • Total Values − This is used to select budget as over value

  • Annual Values − Maintaining budget for yearly basis

  • Investment Management − Program type budget for an investment program

  • Other fields like Availability Control, Currency translation and budgeting currency.

Availability Control

Once you enter all the fields, click the save button at the top.