SAP PS - Network Profile

You can create network profile in SAP PS to maintain Network and WBS structure and to define rules for linking networks.

To create network profile, follow the steps given below −

Step 1 − Use T-Code: OPUU or go to SAP Easy access, SPRO → IMG → Project System → Structures → Operative structure → Network → Setting for Network


Step 2 − In next screen, enter the following details −

  • Network Profile − This is unique Id to identify network profile in the system.

  • Plant − Enter plant code and it is default for all activities

  • Network Type − Enter the network type from drop down list

  • MRP Control group − Enter the MRP control group associated with planner group

  • Relationship view − Enter the relationship view used for defining rules for linking network

  • Comp increment − Enter the comp increment

  • Check WBS account − Enter WBS account system determines the WBS.

  • Reservation Purchase requisition − Enter Reservation purchase requisition

  • Capacity Requirement − Select this to calculate capacity requirement once network is saved.

  • Project summary Master data − To summarize master data

Network Parameters

Step 3 − Next, go to the Graphic tab to select the details for network graphics like color, display option, etc.

Graphic Tab

Step 4 − Similarly, go to the Activity tab and enter the details.

Activity Tab

Click the save button at the top.