SAP PS - Status Profile

A status profile contains the individual user statuses and the business transaction rules defined for those statuses. You can define multiple limit number of user status profiles that can be maintained in SAP system.

To create a status profile in SAP system −

Step 1 − You can use T-code: OK02 or go to SPRO → IMG → Project Systems → Structure → Operative Structure → Work breakdown structure → WBS user status → Create Status profile.


Step 2 − A new screen Change status profile overview will open. You can use other options to copy an existing profile, to delete a profile or to view details.

Change Status Profile Overview

Step 3 − In the next window, enter status profile Id to identify the profile in SAP system.

Enter the text of profile, Maintenance Language: Enter language key like EN. Press ENTER to continue.

Status Profile Id

Step 4 − Once you press ENTER, status profile you have created will be shown in the list of status profile. Double-click on status profile.

Status Profile Created

Step 5 − In the next window, enter the following details −

  • Stat − Status number form lowest to highest

  • Status − Update unique status id

  • Short text − description text

  • Initial Status − To set the status of profile for project

  • Lowest − Update the lowest status number

  • Highest − Update highest status number

  • Position − To determine status to be displayed

Step 6 − After entering these details, click Object types at the top.

Object Types

The Allowed Object types screen appears with various options.

Allowed Object Types

Step 7 − Once you enter all the details, click the save button at the top.


Data Saved