SAP PS - Versions

In SAP system, version is defined as state of a project at certain point in time. Project versions are used in Earned value analysis and for project evaluation.


A Project version can be used for the following purpose −

  • To perform the statistical evaluation.
  • To document the state of project.
  • To perform comparison and analysis of project progress.
  • To perform milestone trend analysis to analyze the dates in a project and comparing them with planned data in the project.

Types of Versions

There are different project version-types available in Project System. They are −

  • Project Versions − To compare project status at specific time period.

  • Plan Versions − This is sued to store different cost plans for a project.

  • Selection Versions − This is used to perform background processing and to save the project data matching certain selection criteria.

In the table given below, you can see the different features in a project that the above versions support in a SAP system.

Function Plan Version Project Version Select Version Simulation Version
Add to version Yes Yes No Yes
Compare versions Yes Yes No Yes
Limit selection Yes Yes No
Contains Summarized cost data Yes Yes Yes Yes
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