SAP PS - Defining Special Characters

You can define various special characters in the project. These characters define how a project is coded for editing.

You can define different parameters for −

  • Editing the project number.

  • Length of key for project coding and an indicator to specify if a project should have this length or it can be shorter.
  • Structure length to specify length must be equal to no of characters.
  • Entry tool field for fast entry of WBS element.
  • Special character helps WBS number to be separated with special charterers.

Automatic Number assignment − This is used to update symbol that you want to assign automatically to project object and WBS.

To define special characters, use T-Code: OPSK

Step 1 − Go to SPRO → IMG → Project System → Structure → Operative Structure → work breakdown structure → Project coding mask → Define special characters for project.


Step 2 − On special characters overview screen, enter the following details −

  • PL − Project Length

  • SL − Structure Length

  • Entry Tool − To fast enter WBS element

  • Special Character − WBS to be separated with special characters

  • EDIT − To create project with coding rules

  • ANO − To assign symbol automatically to project

Special Characters

Note − SAP recommends avoiding these special characters − *, +, ? and % as these special characters are used for specific functions in the system.

Step 3 − To save the configuration, click the save button at the top.

Save Configuration
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