SAP PS - Access Control List

In SAP Project system, you use access control list to assign authorizations for specific Project system objects. The Access control list function should be activated in project profile or network profile.

Authorization can be assigned for the following PS objects −

  • Project
  • Work Breakdown structure
  • Network
  • Activity
  • Activity Element

You have the following different authorization types available −

  • Single User
  • User group
  • Organizational Group

In SAP PS system, you can assign different types of authorizations.

Authorization Allowed activity


Display PS Object


Display PS Object

Change PS Object


Display PS Object

Change PS Object

Create PS Object

Delete PS Object

Create access control lists

Edit access control lists

Delete access control lists

No Authorization

No activity allowed

In SAP system, highest possible authorization always applies to a user. If a higher authorization applies for a user or PS object, the system overwrites the inherited authorization.


Consider user A is assigned to user group 1 that has read authorization for a PS object and the user has change authorization for PS object. The user gets change authorization in this scenario.

Creating Access Control List

To create an access control list, navigate to the PS object for which you want to assign authorizations.

Step 1 − Go to the ACL tab page. Select insert line button to enter the new data.

Step 2 − Click Save to save the entry.

Deleting Access control list for a project or a network

Step 1 − To delete access control list for a project, use T-code: CNACLD


Step 2 − In next screen, you have to select the project/network for which you want to delete the ACL.

Step 3 − To display the access control lists, click the Display button.

Access Control Lists

Step 4 − To delete the access control lists, click the Delete button.

Delete Access Control Lists
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