HANA XS Application Service

In SAP HANA system, there are many tools that can be used to manage application development in HANA XS Service Classic model and Advance model. You can provide administering and support services to XS service model or you can also perform development under SAP HANA system.

HANA XS Application service includes tools available under SAP HANA XS Administration Cockpit or you can also use SAP HANA Studio to maintain application development under HANA XS service.

Following are the various roles that exist under SAP HANA system to manage XS Application Service.


Full access to the details of HTTP destination configurations (display and edit).


Read-only access to HTTP destination configurations, which are used to specify connection details for outbound connections. For example, using the server-side JavaScript Connectivity API that is included with SAP HANA XS.


Full access to the configuration settings for SAP HANA XS application security and related user-authentication providers.


Read-only access to the configuration settings for SAP HANA XS application security and related user-authentication providers. For example, SAML or X509.


There are various roles that exist in SAP HANA system to manage HANA XS Application Service as shown in the above screenshot.

XS Service Tools Under SAP HANA Cockpit

In SAP HANA Cockpit, there are various tools that you can use to maintain HANA XS Service. They are web-based tool that allows you to configure and maintain the basic administration-related elements of the application-development process and environment.

Service Tools

XS Artifact Administration

This is used to maintain runtime configurations for individual applications or a complete application hierarchy.

XS Job Dashboard

This is used to monitor and maintain SAP HANA XS job schedules defined using the XS job syntax.

Trust Manager

This is used to maintain certificates which are used to establish trust relationships between servers used by SAP HANA XS applications.

SMTP Configuration

This tile is used to define the details of SMTP server that is available for use by all applications running on an SAP HANA XS server.

User Self-service Tool

This tile provides the set of tools that allows to maintain self-service requests and administrate the self-service tools by the users.

How to View Configuration Parameters for SAP HANA XS Engine in HANA Studio?

To view the configuration details of HANA XS Engine in HANA Studio, double-click HANA system in the system view pane. Navigate to Configuration tab.

Self Service Tool

Navigate to xsengine.ini file under the configuration tab and expand the folder. You can view the various configuration parameters as shown in the following screenshot.

View HANA Studio


This contains list of all the applications trusted by XS Engine.


This contains application-related connection requests and configuration.


This defines customer specific usage details for HANA application service.


This is used to manage debugger settings.


This provides SAP HANA XS Web Server details. Other options under xsengine.ini is used to define SAP HANA XS application service configuration.

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