SAP HANA Admin - Stopping a HANA System

You can stop all SAP HANA systems using SAP HANA Cockpit for offline administration option in HANA Cockpit. In multitenant database container system, all tenant databases will be stopped using this option.


When all the services are stopped one by one for all the databases, it shows the status of system as “Stopped” as shown in the following screenshot.


You can also use the SAP HANA Cockpit for offline administration to restart SAP HANA system. In the multitenant database environment, when you select Restart from the footer bar, it also restarts all the tenant databases.

Start and Stop a System in HANA Studio

To perform a start/stop of a single HANA system or in multiple container system, you can also use SAP HANA Studio. All the tenant databases which are stopped individually has to start separately in HANA Studio.

Stopping a system is required in certain scenarios, when you have to make certain configuration changes, maintenance, patch upgrade, or other scenarios.

To start a system, navigate to System view and right-click HANA system that you want to start and stop → Configuration and Monitoring → Start System.

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