SAP HANA Admin - System Management

When SAP HANA system is installed, there are various components that get installed with HANA system. It includes −

Mandatory Components of SAP HANA −

  • SAP HANA Server
  • SAP HANA Client system

Additional Components −

  • SAP HANA Studio
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Access SDA
  • SAP HANA XS Runtime environment
  • SAP Live Cache Applications

When the installation is complete, you may need to perform various tasks in SAP HANA system, such as −

  • Backup and Recovery Management
  • User Management
  • Starting HANA System
  • Stopping HANA System
  • License Keys
  • System INI Files
  • Monitoring HANA System
  • Data Replication using SMART data access
  • SAP HANA integration with BusinessObjects Reporting environment

These tasks can be performed using various SAP HANA admin tools. Most common tools to perform SAP HANA system management - HANA Cockpit, SAP HANA Studio.