SAP HANA Admin - Architecture Overview

In SAP HANA system architecture, it contains all the server components that gets installed at the time of installation. Each server has defined set of tasks and different services are run for each server in a SAP HANA distributed environment.

The most important server system and the heart of HANA system is the Index server. This server is responsible for processing SQL/MDX statement using engines in the Index server. It also contains Session and Transaction Manager to keep track of completed and running transactions.

Persistence Layer in the Index server is used for backing up data and transaction of log files.


Following table lists all the key server components in HANA, the corresponding services, and OS process details.

Server Component Name Service Name in HANA system OS Process Name Component Details
Index Server Indexserver hdbindexserver Responsible for processing SQL statements using SQL/MDX Processors.
Name Server nameserver hdbnameserver To maintain topology of SAP HANA system. This is used to manage all the running components and data stored on each component.
XS Classic Server xsengine hdbxsengine It can be used to develop and host applications on the top of SAP HANA system.
Data Provisioning Server dpserver hdbdpserver To provide SAP HANA smart data access function.
Preprocessor preprocessor hdbpreprocessor To analyze the text data and perform search capabilities.
Compile Server Compileserver hdbcompileserver This is used to perform compilation of SQL Procedures and doesn’t contain any data.
Web Dispatcher Webdispatcher hdbwebdispacher It is used to process HTTP/HTTPS request to HANA XS Engine.
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