SAP HANA Admin - Job Responsibilities

Following are certain experiences and capabilities required to handle the job responsibility of HANA Admin.

  • Integration of SAP HANA into different remote systems. Exposure to different remote access options in HANA system.

  • Experience in monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting of SAP HANA systems.

  • HANA system administration using SAP HANA Cockpit and HANA Studio.

  • Experience in managing users and roles in SAP HANA system.

  • Implementing SAP HANA Table management techniques - data compression, table partition, compression techniques, and load/unload table into memory.

  • HANA Installation, Data Provisioning, Admin, Modelling.

  • SAP BusinessObjects and HANA integration, Design document, RFPs, and estimation plans.

  • Experience with high availability and backup mechanism.

  • Implementing SAP HANA Security mechanism, HANA XS Application service, and monitoring of HANA system.

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